Ghost stories and how I channel the dead

So when I’m having a real spiritual conversation with someone and I realize they are opened because of the energy work I do with my words I started asking people if there was someone they wanted to talk to from beyond the grave once they choose the person I ask them to place there hand out open palm and I hold a coin out and tell them if so and so is willing to interact with you when I place the coin in your hand you’ll feel it move

, so far I’ve done this like 6 times maybe 5 and most of the time the person ends up talking to them right afterwards I dovhear I just watch the emotion flow. Only like once did the person say the coin didn’t move. I’ve ad someone try to lie to me and say na I wasn’t talking to my dad when I knew they were like could see the emotion taking over in them and they were Instantly silent after I did the coin thing.

I first helped people talk by just doing a channeling of energy for those that need rest to rest those that need to pass on I put energy towards then to pass on and those that have a positive message I put energy towards them being able to fullfill that message

then I put my hands out one facing up and one day symbolism of heaven and hell above and below but pictured them as wraith hands when I finally got my hands basically together after channeling that energy for those purposes a giant like huge blue flash exploded from my hands while at the cemetery near a huge oak tree I used to get nature bond beor starting.

I went into town a bit later that night and ran into a friend Jordan we start talking then all of a sudden he shushes me and says I’m talking to my grandma and I realized I could help the dead talk to loved ones just gotta find the way to open doors for others.

I personally have only talked with a ghost once and I didn’t realize he was dead I thought he was still alive but we bearly talked. So any questions? Or any recommendations on ways I can make it easier on the involved parties. Ever use a ghost talker app a group of friends all did and 2 out of 4 o us could hear me and a friend couldn’t. I wonder if there real or if it’s loaded words Ina file on the signal save that I didn’t raise my hand or when I was a kid in the big can doing the hearing test.

I also had a ghost visit me as a kid in a dream we played then he gave me his pajama pants and I told my dad and he had me tell the home owner and he went upstairs and go a photo of the kid who died in the fire that burn down the original house that was on this property that was 50 yards away exact same rebuild of house well he shows me the picture and he’s wearing the clown pajamas he gave me in the dream then the home owner tells us how a few times he’s gotten mad at people and threw pictures off the walls and stuff like that. So yea can also share your ghost stories.