Ghost Behind the Machine

Coming into a stagnant period. Lucifer is teaching me about currency and stagnation. He describes the exchange and flow of ideas as a currency which is vital in preventing the stagnation I find myself at. As such I share such to explore what he’s showing me ( which i due so with extreme resistance, as i commonly am) …

So I share 2 things. I expect nothing of a monetary gain from sharing this, nothing of likes, or freinds for that matter. This is to do as I am being instructed to. I’m to give of my energy in some way, and this is all i can think of…

Don’t care what u do with it, but if u find they help I am happy to hear it…

Opening of the gate

I call to access the codes behind the simulation
I access these codes
Open the gateway to the mechanisms by which these codes are written
I access the mechanism
I call to access the energies that power the mechanism by which the codes be written
I access the energies which power that which powers that which projects all simulations
In the names of L, V, X (Lvx or Lux means light in latin) , grant me access to the to the reality in which the mechanism and that which powers it dwells
I now have access to that reality in which the mechanism behind all simulations dwells
In accordance with my conscious desire, I now reprogram all objective and subjective realities

Notes- Play on 9 in sequencing. Can be used before spells, between and after as reinforcement. Works.

Triangle of Arte (personal modification)

Works exceptionally well. Blurs and distortions seen when meditating on it and during rituals. No need to explain it further, but i will encourage those creative to make their own tools, circles…something more to something u put conscious work, time and energy into…or so I’ve noticed. (this acknowledgement of creativity to i guess…sigh…is part of sharing ; something im not used to, nor am i comfortable sharing but to break out of a really…depressed period, willing to test )

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I liked it, I felt the was multiple realities all intertwined and definately blindingly bright.

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