Ghob and Spirits summoning for money

Hello, I am a neophyte. My name is Frank.
I’d like to evoke Ghob to ask him a job, money and more capabilities and luck in investing in stocks etc.
I have all Koetting Books and I am reading them. I just ordered the universal circle and I am awaiting for it.
As black mirror I use the Ipad (turned off). So you see in this poor condition I need an Enn to evoke Ghob, as I have only his sigil.
I am trying also evoking Belial which has an Enn reported in Evoking Eternity, luckily. Belial gave me strong feeling, even if I couldnt see anything (I cannot use Brazier or incense for now, I live with my old parents).

So, anyone here knows a good Enn to evoke Ghob? Please…


Ghob doesn’t have an enn. He is an Elemental King, not a demon. All you need is his sigil.


Ok thank you. If you have any other suggestion to evoke Ghob and Belial to make money, you are welcomed!

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You can use EA’s conjuration to summon any spirit, which you will find here:


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Thank you so much! This is wonderful!
To be sure, is this you are referring to?

Etsel Mala’kel

Test’zel Sam’tan’el

Itz Retz Nama’tel

Itz Hel Asta’Rel

Kama’Kala, Kama’Kala

Kama’Kala Satan’el

(Spirit) Kama

(Spirit) Kala

(Spirit), Kama’Kala Vel.

Me Vaskalla

Me Solvalla

Me Res’Alla Ah’tan’tel

And there is something more I should know about it or about Belial and Ghob? Any suggestion will be useful for a neophyte as me :))


Yes, that’s the one. Just put the name of the spirit you are calling where it says (spirit).

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Thanks! Koetting suggests to contact Clauneck for money issues, but I cannot find his sigil in K’s books. Can someone help me telling me where it is or directly messaging me his sigil? Thank in advance.

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There’s an image on this page: [url=][/url]

If you hit an ordinary search engine with the name of the spirit & add the word demon and/or occult, you’ll usually find something, there’s a LOT of online occcult content and sigils to be found very easily.

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Thanks! I found Clauneck and Bune sigils. Clauneck looks like a whale to me and gives ideas of abundance. Bune is beautiful, very goethic/vampiric :slight_smile:
I have already asked them and also Belial and Ghob for money, job and business cleverness. How many times I should repeat the request/enchantment? Everyday? Which hour is the best? Midnight? I should ask only to one spirit or I can go on asking to those 4 I found? Sorry for the ignorance, I am reading EAK’s books as fast as I can but the temptation to try immediatly is too strong! :))


For Ghob (or any Earth Elemental) you could just recite the prayer of the gnomes. That way you know exactly what you are saying and not some other/unknown language where you could likely be offering the spirits full freedom to take whatever they want from you as payment


Which is the prayer to the gnomes?

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I hope this helps. There are several other versions of this and the rite from the golden dawn. Go with whatever you feel most drawn to.

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[quote=“ken757, post:12, topic:8367”][url=][/url]

I hope this helps. There are several other versions of this and the rite from the golden dawn. Go with whatever you feel most drawn to.[/quote]

Thank you very much. To pray the gnomes I have to look south or north? Sorry I forgot it even if I have read in K’s books. And what about my other questions?
BTW I am surprised I am strongly drawn to Belial, who I feel responsive to me, I have even saw the black mirror forming a rectangular white mist for about 10 seconds at my first evocation, using only the sigil, the enn and the black mirror. And tremendous power and darkness around me and my room for about 24 hours. That night I dreamt a person I hate was attacked and devastated by flies until he disappeared. Do you think I can evoke Belial also for money issues or it would be out of His field?

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@Franco, if you are interested I can offer you some of my knowledge since I decided to study and mastery wealth and material life and I can help you with few things if you are interested. I know around 30 spirits so far which can help you regard wealth and especially in that area, one of them is Clauneck (as Lady Eva said) and I only know about him because I work with Lucifer, however he is not the only spirit you can work with on this and I personally believe that you have to work with more.

But long story short. You can’t look at one spirit and focus with it (as some people are telling you here), but instead you have to look at many other things around it. There are so many ways you can manifest you desire even in forms which aren’t material but they are indeed connected with material. Again, this is my opinion and what I experienced while studying this area of knowledge and magick.

If you’re interested in my offer, feel free to PM me, I will gladly help you.

~ Flame


Sure! Thank you.
Have you received my PM? Sorry I am a newby here.

Franco. Belial can do things like Promotions and getting jobs. You have to keep in mind in todays job market things still operate via Networking and word of mouth (referrala/praises, favors, etc) and it has been that way forever. Belial is about Social Power. That is the reason of psychological warfare he is heavily slandered in the texts is for that reason alone he holds alot of power. Think of any politician, or Celebrity or high profile person… they always have people harping or putting pressure on them or something, but at the same time they equally have allies and people who are interested and willing to do things for them. Scratch someones back and they scratch yours. A favor for a favor. You will see him holding any mask, and doing it better than even the standard experts. That is the world of Belial…but you have to be able to get on his good side and bring that outta him. That part is up to you.


Excuse me I just came across this post and saw your comment on wealth and money spirits. I am interested and would love to learn please. I appreciate it thank you very much

@DarkestKnight Will this calling also work with Fro’gla’tasch do you know? If the word spirit were replaced with the name of the entity?


@HermesHorse If you mean the Incantation to Summon Forth, then yes, it will work for Fro’gla’tash. It is an all purpose incantation to summon any entity. Though it is in the demonic tongue, it was even used by a member on this forum to evoke the Archangel Michael.

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Oooooooooooh, all purpose minimalist magick - I like! Thank you!

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