Getting your way in negotiations

Does anybody have any tips for entities, rituals, etc., to work with to get your way in negotiations?

There are a few elements in play:

  • The person has an unrealistic idea of the strength of their negotiating position, which is actually quite weak.
  • The person is out to screw me to get back at me for perceived wrongs.
  • The person is volatile in general and can’t be trusted not to throw their toys out of the pram and scupper a fair agreement.
  • The person has scapegoated me to their family, so their family will encourage them to reject reasonable offers.

I am willing to offer very fair terms.

What or who do you recommend?


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If their position is quite weak, then why not take advantage of that? They may be more willing to agree to reasonable terms if you are able to walk away from the deal yourself.

I am willing to walk away from negotiations, but that would mean pursuing the matter via litigation, which expensive, uncertain and takes a long time. I will bear the expense if I have to, but an agreement would be preferable for all concerned.

In addition, there are one or two matters I want addressed that a court is unlikely to touch, but a contract could specify.

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Ah, I see. Lucifer is generally my suggestion for most things, though the Goetia could help as well. I’ve seen many people post here that have had success working with Belial for legal matters, and I suspect he could assist with your negotiations as well, especially if you take a more “aggressive” stance and make it clear that you are not afraid to pursue legal action if required. I don’t know all the details of your situation, so of course follow your own best judgement, but it has often been the case for me that I receive more respect and cooperation when it is clear that I am not afraid to shoot back.

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There are a variety of spirits who can assist you , it just depends on what pantheon you’d like to work with , aside from that you can invoke evoke pray amongst other things , simply try a method and see which works for you , Bune is a demon related to money , perhaps she can help , Paimon does mental influence .

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