Getting Warned by a Spirit

A strange thing happened today.

After going in the shower this morning, and doing a little energy work (mostly just collecting death energy and universal energy to feed to my servitor) I was unceremoniously visited by a spirit. My magical vision is very poor, but I’m drawing on what my intuition says that I saw- I did see the small white light, but not the pink fog that surrounded it.

Telepathic communication ensued. It told me to “be careful of more vampires” and to try not to do anything stupid. I woke my servitor and gathered a bit of death energy before turning the spirit to dust.

Then I felt something. I did an astral checkup of my body, and there was an astral worm, big enough that it didn’t fit in my hand, just sitting in my crotch. I took it out (felt the hole it had energetically made open, which I closed immediately) and ensured that it wouldn’t come visit me or it’s sender. I then left it with enough energy that it could leave, and fed the death essence to my servitor before shutting it down.

EDIT: I suppose I should describe that with the spirit came a smell. Sort of flowery, very sweet and springy. Which can’t happen, because where I am, the high temperatures are in the twenties. How I detected the worm was by a very cold energy spot in the location described.

The question here is that, has anyone had a similar experience, no matter what the path? Or what that pink fog spirit with a light in the center could be?

Curious to hear from the community.