Getting trembling sounds from below

ive been laying quietly in bed getting to sleep, i been hearing constant sounds of trembling sounds, seems to be getting alot more defnite around me coming from below rising up, also signaling though the hills, and getting more noticable, at a very constant slow rate, also the brickvaner has been creaking a bit off and on.

Interesting, your location is supposed to be pretty seismically stable afaik?

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well lady eva Adelaide did have a Earthquake 1954, my mum and dad lived through it, it was barely a 5 pointer, there is a faultline running through Darlington, so what i been told by the Earthquake serpent, the level of rickter scale is the level of presure needed to be released, like undoing a knot in the Earth, just like a massarger massarging, knots out of mussles, so when the pressure in the Earth is too high the Earthquake serpent produces more rickter scale, but the seismologists cannot see the Earthquake serpent.

Ive just been released by the Earthquake serpent, as he was only testing me by telling it which area of the Earth needs attension, he was only testing me. now i got to report back to Abaddon how did it go.

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