Getting to the root of the issue

Long story short:
I did a few different ritual on my own, hired a well known professional, asked for assistance from my guardian Lucifer and nothing came through. Now as much as I WANT this particular thing (person) I can accept that perhaps Lucy doesn’t approve and I’m ok with that. I’ve done multiple divination and the verdict is always to move on. What irks me is that I don’t know WHY.
It peaks my curious to say the least, to know what exactly is up with this individual and why I got a dead end. I had uncomfortable and unsettled feelings during our short time together but I can’t place it. I have one sneaking suspicion but I can’t confirm it.
Does anybody have a method they could share to get to the root of the issue and learn the why? Or someone willing and able to tap in and give their thoughts?
Much appreciated XX

Keep it simple and just trust your instincts…
You’ll eventually get the answers your looking for if you just let go I believe…