Getting things off my chest ig

so theres this guy, my ex best friend, who literally avoids any coincidences. he’s literally the worst person i have ever met in my life. he was able to use me and drain me of everything i had for nearly a year. hes a sociopath. he is able to make people just fall in love with him, deceiving them into believing hes the most caring, most loving person ever, but in reality hes just planning on using them for something. while being his friend i fell in love with him, of course, and he used me to buy him shit and do anything he wanted, weak bitch shit, i know. anyways. no matter how may times i try to curse, hex, etc him it never works, karma never pays its due to him, he never gets caught by the police, he literally does as he pleases and nothing bad ever happens to him. he’s sexually assault many girls, hes used many people, hes lied, cheat, hurt so many people and yet nothihg bad happens to him. its almost like hes immune to karma or sum. hes so toxic and manipulative. he’s literally a leech. and its not like hes into the occult and i know hes never done a protective spell of anything. i just want yalls opinion in why hes almost like immune to everything coming his way. and i know hes doing the same thing he did to me to other people, tons of other people. ive tried watning people about him and they acknowledge how hes creepy but they always stay with him, almost like they’re enchanted by him. just want to hear your guy’s opinion on him


It’s called narcissistic personality disorder. And he sounds lile the champion face of it. I dont get why they get away with the awful shit they do. It’s sad. But I guarentee you karma will indeed bite him in the ass big time. Bring in some big guns like lilith and hekate. If you havent already. They despise those kind of lecherous people.


What are you hoping to achieve? Or are you truly just venting?

venting amd seeing if anyone knew why hes so immune to things or has dealt with someone similar

Hmm it might be worth it to try and reduce his narcissism with magick, try to make him lower his image of himself. Otherwise use magick to cause changes in people he deals with, so that they harm him in some way. If that works and it’s emotional harm, give them the skill to harm him even deeper, and make it so that he can’t leave.


i might try with hecate. ive considered working with her before but for different circumstances. but if she can help giving him what he deserves then i might

Also, like if you know his boss, cast a spell on his boss to give him trouble. If you can’t go after him directly, change the world around him to work against him.

Hm, does he know about how you dislike him? If not, you could try slipping a good old cursed baked good as a kid (essentially, a baked good that has been prayed over or otherwise enchanted to bring ill to your target. My grandmother would use Psalms to bite back at an enemy. If you look up cursing psalms you would likely find something useful, as there are a few geared at narcissists in particular). Narcissists in my experience tend to be very easily misled with gifts and false praises. You are what you eat and magic does not appear on a toxicology test.

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@Burning_desire yep. Lucy88 hit the nail on the head with that 1 my mom as a narcissist ic boyfriend he does very similar things your describing…my uncle was saying that there dad was the same way when they were kids.

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This and like Lucy said he will get his don’t worry. Eventually everything catches up with those type of people and when it does it’s glorious.


Narcissists will never be touched by Karma because Karma is based on guilt which they lack. They are also superior human being looking at it form a perspective of the hermetic laws. Just think about it there whole mindset is that they are superior so their cells vibrate with superiority every single they-> they eventually end up becoming superior.

I disagree… Deep down they are weak and fearful and need others validation to keep them feeling superior. Most tend to be sociopaths and have debilitating mommy issues. He may think he is the shit now but he will have his come uppance. There will be enough negative thought and energy going towards him from the people he fucks over that he will trip himself up and eat shit here soon enough.

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I respectfully disagree, the ones I have worked with (who were forced to go to partner therapy) were the beings I describe. There is also a book series from Robert Greene, which I call the narcissists handbook. The truth is narcissist are just better off in this world because our whole society is build around narcissism (macroscopic perspective one of the view wisdoms on of my professors told us) and is a perfect image of it.

Again i respectfully disagree. And It is true that society is centered around the narc and narc mentality. But that doesn’t mean they wont have to pay for the wrongs they do against others. They are not immune against retribution or justice. It merely takes the courage of someone willing to dish it out. Take for example the way inmates treat pedophiles and rapists…two crimes that even cold blooded killers will take relish in punishing. And justifiably so. Perhaps not according to the current justice system which actually protects pedophoiles and rapists but certainly it is considered justice to the victims of those crimes. And the man that handles the pedophile or rapist is fully aware of the consequences he might face if ever caught. Yet he is willing to take the chance in order to send a very clear and concise message.

And I’m not saying all narcs are the same as pedophiles or rapists but some of them are very close to it in my book with how they use and abuse with out a care in the world.

In reality it just takes one willing to put the penalty on them that is not fearful of the consequences. I.e that their curse will potentially completely ruin the targets life or possibly kill the intended target. Most of the reason a curse backfires or fails is because the person casting it has a sliver of doubt or fear still hiding away before preforming the ritual.


Baal recently helped me out with a narcissist who was in my life, by sending him back to where he belongs in a room away from any influence, trolling people anonymously on the internet but few seeing it. It was one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten.