Getting the secret information

I have been reading the special edition, and I am trying to figure out how to find the hidden information.

Also on an unrelated note, anyone noticed the printing is not get on the top lines and is slightly faded.

It’s only in the special reserve edition. If you have that edition then run a blacklight over the pages

Wow that’s sick, did EA mention this secret material or did some lucky fuck just happen to run a black light over it, it was probably you Necro.

He did mention the hidden material an I remember some random person posting about the backlight a long time ago

I wonder if there’s anything hidden in the complete works… And for that matter what additives are present in it. EA did say he did some spell checking and added portions to multiple works not sure if they were corrections. Or possibly new info. I took a black light to the boa part of the book and skimmed the pages and found nothing. I didn’t go farther because the books a bit creaky and I’m trying to wear it in slowly as not to damage it. But I would say some places of possible locations could be in the new OAA rituals portion, and on the blank pages at both ends. It’s worth a shot. But it’s possible a black light won’t cutt it this time. I never got my hands on a special edition BoA.

Note: this may not be an appropriate place to bring this up, but I also wonder what EA has empowered or “binded” this book with. I’ve never heard anything specific. It does have an odd feel to it… Just looking at it.

Nope. The black light revealed nothing in the complete works tome.