Getting started

Introductions first, I’ve always been fascinated of what lies beyond, if there is more to the world. Spirits Demons, Angels I respect them, but fear them as well, it is part of my nature.

This year I started getting into theistic Statism properly, wishing to learn more and not follow my younger selfs slandering footsteps. It is difficult to find a real source with false information swimming around everywhere. The first hurdle was being completely honest to myself which is a difficult task if of deceiving, manipulative nature, but with time I managed.

My goal is to reach a certain level of power that protects me from harm others may inflict, perhaps return the favor of emotional turmoil and stress someone caused me, most importantly I want to built a connection with demons and spirits.

Where do I start, there is so many ways I simply loose track - another question of mine would be, is there a way to atone (very Christian word I’m aware) for ones mistakes of lying and slander that might have been harmful to the beings I’m trying to connect with? My younger creative attention seeking self said things I wish to apologize for.

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You can start with some Youtubers named: E.A Koetting, V.K. Jehannum, Indigo Preistess, A Light From Darkness, frater xaiver, but what types of magick do you wanna learn?

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I’d want to have a base understanding of all kinds there is before settling on one of them, I’ll check those YouTubers out however, thank you for your help

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You’re welcome and if they say to check out any other YouTubers it’ll most likely help you out

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You may begin with the 72 entities of Goetia (or those in the Grimorium Verum, etc.), read about them and think of questions you’d like to ask.
Once decided the first entity and having prepared the questions, draw the sigil. Look at it in a relaxed way and the lines will seem to flash or you’ll feel an alteration of consciousness, a presence and so on.
Begin to ask and immediately write what you receive in your mind. Besides the importance of trusting, “practice makes better” also here: in case, you may contact more Spirits in a row.