Getting Someone To View My Astral Body

I’ve read about Uncle Chuckie doing it, but he’s a grandmaster that’s stupidly strong- much more so than little me. I want to be able to actually make my astral body visible to others when I want to. Is such a thing possible? I’d love to strike terror into my victims as I feed, and am trying to bring this into fruition, but need assistance.

Any ideas on how I can manage this?

Robert Bruce had done it before. Look up his forum and ask him. He has a whole section dedicated to asking him questions, but expect a response in maybe a week.

They can see you in the fringe between asleep and awaken : during the natural thêta gamma Time called hypnagogic !

I Know a fellow Vampire who appeared at bedside of a friend of mine. This event convinced this friend to learn about OBE … To do it himself at will !

Omni, I won’t wait a week at least for a response. Thanks, though.

Dark, that is inspiring. Say, do you still know the vampire?

It’s something to do with sucking in as much ambient energy as you can. Although you may blow some electrics in your house if you do it there lol

I’ll make a point to haunt my basement then.

No I don’t have any private contact with the guy.

I just know it is achievable the same way ghosts can appear to humans.

But from my understanding It requires sensitivity or altered state of consciousness from the target.