Getting someone to come out

I’m not sure where this topic would go, but how do I use magic encourage someone to come out of their shell?


@Jaden_Isaac Self-esteem & Confidence building spells to help them feel comfortable with being themselves. This will probably help them be more confident in social situations.

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I think that to enable people to better answer the question, it would be beneficial if you further defined what “come out of their shell” means in this context?

For example, are we talking about making someone less introverted? Or making someone more gregarious? Or overcoming social anxiety? Or being confident with public speaking? Or defeating agoraphobia? Just a few examples. Or I’m guessing here, a combination of different changes?

Sorry, I’m not meaning this post to sound pedantic, but I do think that the clearer we can define the problem and the intended outcome, the better suggestions we can make


Beyond that it would be useful to know what caused it in addition to what it is they are walling up against doing or is causing them to put on the shell show.

I’m like a turtle and lots of things can have me retreating within and not sharing my problems, emotions, true thoughts or being outgoing, making friends etc- so not only do I need to work on the reaction, I have to work on what causes me to have the reaction.

Most people don’t put on a shell, without a reason- even though the reason sometimes seems silly to outsiders, lots of times it’s related to trauma so forcing someone out of their shell is counterproductive until the issue causing them to react this way has been addressed.

Drag someone with stage fright out on the stage and even if you convinced them to try it, most of them will run away as soon as the curtain is pulled.

So imop understanding what it is that is causing them to fear, or react is real important to figuring out how to help them overcome it.


I’m not only autistic, but extroverted. I’ve learned that is not a good combination. I tend to hide my extroverted side to gauge other people and try to mimic their own energy. However, I’ve come to realize that maybe my difficulty building connections isn’t necessarily because of me. It’s because I find myself surrounded by introverts and people who either have social anxiety, are neurodivergent, or have been through traumatic experiences that make them less quick to trust.

Basically, it’s difficult to gauge these people, and therefore it’s hard to interact with them. I’m not sure what people think or feel, and it’s not hard to take it personally. I’m too scared to advance the interaction myself because I feel like I’m crossing a line.

I’m not asking to force a person with stage fright to perform some song and dance for 1000000 people. I just want to make socializing with them easier.


It’s a specific group of introverted individuals with trust issues? This last response probably explained what you needed way better than the first :smile:

Maybe do a trust me/trust building/heart opening spell?

Where can I find one

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I can look one up tomorrow, I’m headed to bed atm.

The one I’m thinking of is candle magic, but I can’t recall the exact name so I’ll have to google it up in the morning.

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Absolutely, all good points.

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Ah, I may have misunderstood your initial post. I had thought it was about helping a specific individual ‘come out of their shell’.
From the additional information you’ve provided, it appears that you’re more aimed at more broadly encouraging those around you to being more open to social interaction and perhaps also working on your own feelings about advancing interactions?
Please advise if I have that wrong

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I can’t seem to find the exact one I was thinking of. Basically it consisted of writing their name on page and placing under a candle, while basically reciting a cute little mantra about how the target will be more open and trusting of you.

Thinking on it some more, there is a genius said to create divine openness of heart from you to others and from others to you- their name is Jahzer (jazzhair) I usually see this genius used in romantic relationships, but I’ve also been working with a book that uses this spirit generally to create an openness of heart between you and those whom are important to you, your life etc.

So I’d probably combine the two ideas, use a white candle and draw a sigil/image or list the names or a name to represent the group of people, place it under or in front of the candle.

I like herbs so I’d roll my candle in herbs used in truth spells, then light it, telling myself that energy from the candle burning will go towards the intent of causing these people to be more open and trusting of you.

I’d then call up the genius if I wanted spirit help, or not if I didn’t.

Google has an influx of trust me spells for relationships- one of those could be amended for a group, but you’d have to dial it back probably because of the intensity difference between a romantic relationship and a friendship.

To be honest, I’m not really for using magick to help others too much. There’s too many factors, and if you don’t fully understand them, you could hurt the person more. If their situation affects mine well enough, then I suppose it might be justified. But even then, I’m very conscious about how I affect others.

If it’s something important or practical, that’s one thing. If it’s to bind someone who’s causing trouble for someone else, that’s another. If it’s a personal thing like social anxiety, THAT I’d be more hesitant to deal with. The anxiety may seem like a problem from an outside point of view, but it’s there for a reason. So, I feel as if it’s up to the person in how they deal with it.

I personally wouldn’t mind some unseen force pushing me into cooky opportunities to get over my own anxieties, like in some cheesy anime (Rosario Vampire, Highschool DXD, Danmachi), but that’s just me. I can’t and won’t do that to anyone else.

You pretty much get it.

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