Getting rid of negative people

I use my intentions in a powerful way to rid myself of negativity coming from one’s trap. I figure out what bothers them, like arguing against them. So, I do this to them in the astral. I purposely interrupt them and act like I couldn’t hear them nor knew they were talking.

I use the negative energies from politics and religion against them. I will ask them a seemingly innocent question with rebellious intentions to get back at them. I pretend to care about their response, while carefully turning everything around on them. I can amplify this energy by visualizing handing them a cross while malignantly turning it around.

@Lady_Eva I realized I asked you a ? recently. That was in no way connected to this.

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Nice :+1: dude same thing I’ve been working on did we somehow implant ideas In each other’s head or did we come up with the idea ourselves?

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mind expanding on this in a PM with me?

Seems i got aflicted by your energy.



Sure. U can pm me if u want.

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Idk, it can be coincidences or connected to our situations.
I think about the stuff u wrote about fear and jail a lot, because I can relate to that.

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Honestly, I feel that we might all be communicating together in some weird way in the astral. I’ve read that on JOS and feel there is at least some truth to it.

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i just opened the message.

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