Getting out of trance

So yesterday i followed Lucifers advice to shut down everything. Write things down and get in trance without distraction.

I learned something. When i use incantations or say welcome to the spirit i get out of trance very easily.

How do you guys and girls solve this? Are you saying it in your mind to keep in trance. @DarkestKnight any suggestions?

Ofcourse in my dedication rite i practise meditation daily so the trance will get stronger.



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The same thing used to happen to me as well. I found speaking in a low conversational tone, like the way you would have a private conversation with someone in the midst of a group helps. It’s not quite a whisper, but not full volume either.

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Please try to be nice and a bit respectful. Capitalize is not neccesary :wink:

I’m sorry you got offended, it was not meant to be that way.

It’s my particular way of saying something emphatically. If I really wanted to diss you, I would just do so.

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Sometimes you need a harsch statement to come where you want to be @Epsilon_The_Imperial. So thanks for the reply. I understand now how you meant it

You can start using mantra meditation to get into trance, so while speaking with entities in the middle of the ritual, your brain, already accustomed to using faculty of speech in trance, won’t suddenly fall back.

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Typically I welcome the spirit telepathically, in other words talk to em in your head while their with you, it’s the same as speaking to them verbally only it will probably not take you out of trance.


Good tip thanks

Thanks for the tip @Lokthoriel

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Experiment with talking softly and with whispering. Which one feels like it takes you out of trance less, go with it.

Then practice. Take note of when you start leaving trance when doing it, and soon enough you’ll be able to notice the shift happening and go back.

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