Getting Magick books if you live in a country where is prohibited

Most middle eastern countries do this

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Exactly @SoulJourney , I’m living in a Middle Eastern country. I’m not from here but from Europe, so is even weirder because where I come from you can read whatever you want. Here is a matter of religion. Apart from that is a very open minded country if you take into account where is located (maybe you suspect which country is already), because the majority of the population are expats. Life is great here, so this small inconvenience is not a big issue. But I’m wondering if something could happen to me if someone would discover I practice magick… :thinking:


Either deportation or beheading, flip that coin :grin:

I live in Belgium. You cannot find magic books here or magic items in general.


Really? Waw, that’s interesting. I guess is not a matter of illegality, but just of lack of general interest?

I guess the first option. There are allegedly books on magic in the library archives, but they are kept behind a lock. Nothing can be found in libraries, bookshops etc. I can buy them on Amazon if I want them, but there are no other options to find them. Of course there are books about the history of witches and legends etcetera, but no books on rites or practical exercises, or the way to do things.

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Mmmm interesting. I’m from the south of Europe and I’ve never tried to find a Magick book there, tbh, but I don’t think you’ll easily find one in a bookstore either. Harry Potter and no much more. Magick is generally considered as something not real, you’ll find some people reading tarot and things like that, but is considered as something for uneducated people. And I can’t imagine the face of whoever you tell you want to learn how to summon demons :joy: People will think you’re nuts, but, you can get the books if you bring them from America or whatever, I’m sure of that. The point with the Middle East is that is not legal, so is a totally different matter…

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Hahaha I prefer not to think about it…

I’m from Southeast Europe, we used to have books in almost every bookstore, there are some in the public library, so they can be borrowed, but it’s not a big choice, on the other hand, tools are hard to find, and a black candle was almost impossible to find until recently.


Oh wow. I am so sorry. Perhaps you can have someone mail you stuff directly from another country since u can’t buy them inside your own country.

i have this problem too and got pdfs from facebook , works of deman brand and also demon of magick, as these book are low magick and perfect for beginners, first time i did a ritual from 72angels i git sick for 2 days second time this happend too, i dont know that it was effect of any curse or not but give up readings otherbook

Why even bother searching those books in local bookstores while you can easily order them online ? I’m in Belgium too and got already 6 practical magick books (many are from GOM). ships them quick and for fair price.

It’s interesting though that demons of Magick is the priciest book, here the paperback goes for 80€ lol.

And btw, what about that pirated books curse ? When I first started reading this stuff it was on pirated pdfs, but then I bought them all. Although, some books are not for sale anymore or cannot be found, are these cursed too if we read pirated versions ?

Well, I don’t ‘bother’ searching for books on local bookstores anymore. Now we have Amazon. But twenty years ago there was no Amazon to ship books to Belgium yet.

I have to go online for everything. All the bookstores that were close-by were shut down 5-10 years ago. Every once in a while I see Barnes and Noble while I am working, but not very often.

@Ephix24 @Christel More on the curse here:

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I know many people who have been arrested, got long prison sentences and executed because of practicing magick in my country. The freedom you have is a dream for many of them who does not have it, and yet many of you even do not know what privileges you have to be free and do whatever you want to do.
please be grateful, you could have been one of those people.
much regards


It is interesting that in Europe it is so hard to find magick supplies. I live in Russia, and I go to a store called The Witch’s Happiness (, for those who are curious). They have very nice locally made candles, among other things.

If you combined something like privacy mode on your browser, an encrypted VPN (GhostBear by the people who make TunnelBear, perhaps), an email address you use only for hidden things, and a bank account that isn’t easily linked to you or based in your country, you would probably be able to hide it from someone who was really interested in catching you. I am not a security expert, though.