Getting it going tips?

Ok so it’s like 1:38am here and I have the prince’s sigil drawn out on one piece of paper and I have the script I’m gonna use (i’m nervous ok, don’t judge) written out on another and like this is my first evocation. I have his enn memorized by heart because I’ve been studying him and listening to his enn on loop for some days now and i’m just wondering if I just go for it? By go for it, I mean do I just stare saying his enn out loud to get things started?

If that didn’t make sense, I have everything ready to go but I can’t really find a good way to get the whole evocation thingy to get started and some advice would be helpful. The issue isn’t really fear (imo) because I’m not afraid of doing it or evoking anything related to that- I’m just feeling a lil awkward in this beginning stage??? I know no matter he’ll show up, I’m just stuck on getting it going. Hopefully that makes sense.

Yes. Become overwhelmed with the enn, the sigil, ritual and let everything else fade away, and don’t feel bad about using a script, first time i did an evocation got deep into T/G felt the spirit come into the room and then i totally forgot what i was going to say to it and even why i was calling it to begin with. :confused::grin:

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oh gosh, ok thanks love. I’ll do that!

Don’t fear my friend, first time evocation???
Yeah I know the how that turns out to be, we are learners. In spite of it knowing the facts, do anticipate so much.
I remember my first evocation, I feared so much that, queen herself showed up and I stopped the ritual.
Remember one thing, when you call upon any spirit, they came upon your request and they don’t hurt you.
It takes time to build relationship, because there is differ between our realities and their reality.
All the best my friend