Getting Clear on what you want (first)... and Dealing with Concrete Forces

I wondered, from the title and the start of the vid, if it would be a rant only-  but it went into some good "why magick does work (or 'isn't'), achieve results...

“Getting Clear on what you want (first)… and Dealing with Concrete Forces” I used that as subject line, as Concrete Forces (vs metaphorical ideas, or ideas… even for those that do believe that Rituals ‘only’ activate parts of the Mind- parts and Dynamics of the Mind are actual structures and Energies)…
thus what are the Chemistry&Physics (or at least like a recipe in the Kitchen), the rules and the system… assuming Real Forces and Real Beings (and real dynamics) mean that they actually interact combine/react
SMACK DOWN The Butthurt Haters Of Black Magick

in terms of Getting Clear… I find that reducing down, in all aspects of my life-sit, to 3 or 4 chief aims… and then from that what is the 1 element that each of those rely upon? (too many more than that, they can be reduced to common denominator, fewer- there are likely a few more distinctions).

Part of this is if you think you want XYZ, and they you realize if someone "gave it to you" this second... that you'd first need ABC (simple ex but say "new car" yet you don't have "garage space".. or you want to develop a scenic garden, and yet not only the yard-room but the time to take care of it...)

In other words, what affects trickle-around and ripple out in your world - no limits on the change, but say you seek to be in all the main social groups in your town, and also you seek to have alone time in a hermit-like seclusion… [again obvious ex, but for easy contrast]

“What do YOU want?” -Mr. Morden (in Babylon 5)

Who do you listen to?
-how would you plan, let alone Work your Rituals (and Divination readings of the sit) if it was dealt with as Electricity in circuits?

 (if not enough voltage it won't run, if incorrectly wired you could short-out.. all parts of the 'line' link up, any breaks disconnects)... 

or Chemistry (N amt of chemA mixed with catalyst reacts… too small or too much= different reaction… and wrong ingredients is just some other combo; not all works just cuz).

[What is this possibility of an ‘out’ compensating for? vs a known-skill]

After posting this, I saw another comment-post:
“you keep getting partial or short term results before you remove those obstacles. And those obstacles more often than not are embedded in your worldview.” “Didn’t even have to move physically, just open up the path for manifestation.” -AnimaNoira

What change in one's worldview might be possible? 

(div-reading upon affects if change, and affects if do not…)

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The idea i got from your post, never really thought of it before. If someone wants car for example. renting a parking space, getting a licence etc, would be a great preliminary for the ritual. In this time one would do research on what spiritual forces to work with. Then when all these things are done and you are ready for your car, you do a ritual and in your intention you could state, i have prepared a physical vessel to hold the object i desire (the parking space) and now i’m ready to receive it, go forward into the world and bring me what that object. Of-course this is not a finished intention ready to be used.

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