Getting back in sync

Hello all:
I’m trying to figure out what on earth I need to do to “get back in sync” with life. I feel like I’m a train that has run off the tracks. Years ago when I was a full fledged Christian holy roller, I had constant synchronicity. Since I’ve left, I have never experienced that again. Do I want to go back to Christianity? Hell no! I have literally zero desire for that path or religion. The problem is, I just do not know how to get back “on track” to feel like I’m going in the correct direction again. Is there a ritual I can do to bring me back? Has anyone else experienced this? I can’t be the only one. Still trying to figure out where I belong in this world spiritually speaking. Yes, I know it can take time. However, even when I was in a Wiccan coven for a while, I still didn’t feel that synchronicity. I’ve been plodding along since about 2014 trying to find a new path! Getting nowhere fast!


A lot of the Law of Attraction & Sceince of Mind stuff is somewhere between magick and the belief that the universe tends towards benevolence, maybe that’ll unstick things? :thinking:

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Hmmm, care to elaborate? :slight_smile:

Maybe something like a long-term, committed pathworking would help. Books like Wealth Magick or Success Magick or the Gatekeeper pathworking take you through an emotional, spiritual journey without you needing to worry about what magick to do. Just follow the instructions and off you go.