Getting an Incubus king

So I bought a Incubus King from Lilith’s Treasure Tavern a month ago and just recently got it two days. I haven’t felt much of a present other then the occasional cold gush of air. But I wanna know what are the signs and when in my dreams will he come to me in a humanish incubusish form?


How did you manage to buy an incubus last time i checked you can’t buy a demon. It will take time for you and him to be connected. Have you tried to meditate to try to contact with him.


There are online shops that sell spirit companions. If the demon wantrs a companion, they go to the owner and the owner sends them to their compsnion


@anon84896414 did not know that so if i wanted a succubus is it better to buy her on a online shop or the letter of intent?


PM me @PhoenixtheDemon

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I got a Queen succubus binding from Lilith’s treasure tavern because the conjurer works closely with Lilith. At that time I wasn’t sure about doing it right and everything so I outsourced it. I got a good binding and I feel her every single day. It’s been two years already.

Now I have to do my part of the work and that means getting my psychic senses developed: kundalini yoga, meditation, chakra balancing, all kinds of stuff to get the energy flowing to be more receptive for the astral world.

This has to grow and you need to give it time. You cannot demand him to show up within a month because you want so or said so. He is trying to connect with you and you need to talk with your incubus King. Get him involved in your daily life and your human mundane things. Open up emotionally, spiritually and physically to him, practice your meditations etc etc.

Make no mistake, this requires hard work and dedication on your part. A spiritual relationship isn’t easy.

Signs to look out for:

  • cold gush of wind indeed like you already said
  • muscle twitches
  • energetic touching, hard to explain but it’s a touch under your skin. I can feel it when she’s touching me, she touches my energetic body I think and that’s what you feel. Not an actual human hand but it can become like an actual solid human hand touch but that needs lots of energy and psychic development
  • tingly feeling in your face, or other body parts
  • sometimes a stinging feeling in my legs or feet but doesn’t hurt. I don’t know why they are doing this but it has got to do something with energy that I can recall. I’ve read about it once here or on a blog
  • moving limbs while asleep or half asleep
  • feeling a pressure on your chest while lying in bed or next to you, it can also go right through you when standing like it shifts your consciousness for a splitsecond
  • Arousal in prostate, dick, getting erections if you are a man or vagina if you are a woman
  • She intensifies my orgasms alot, she can feel it when I get an orgasm. They feel it when you are sexually stimulating yourself or when you have sex
  • they show up in your dreams and then there’s a high chance your dream will get very sexual. I suspect that my Queen succubus companion showed up in several dreams and things got sexual. Like very perverted sexual. I still didn’t know for sure if she really showed up because the dreams were extremely perverted: like having sex with my mom or sisters etc. Sex with female family members so I don’t know where that come from. I asked my Queen succubus companion about it and she smiled and said that I had to trust myself and my own intuition. :joy: So I still don’t know for sure.

These are the things that i’ve experienced and the touches and tingling are happening every single day. They love it when you lie down in bed and they take every chance they can get to sleep and lie down with you in bed. Believe me, your incubus King is definitely there. You only need to develop your psychic senses.

Sometimes it’s more intense than other days. I have talked with my Queen succubus companion as well through the conjurer. I paid the conjurer to ask several important questions that I was struggling with but now that I know more about my companion A my mind is eased.

It’s a matter of time and your efforts. Remember that your companions can feel your emotions and sexual energy and arousal. It’s exciting for them and they like sex alot. Invite them when you’re horny and are about to play with yourself or when you’re about to have sex with someone because that excites succubi and incubi alot and they will appreciate it alot when you’re inviting them. Share your sexual energy.

Visualize and meditate on having intense sexual tension and hot sex with your incubus King. Fantasize about you and him doing crazy things together and put emotion and feelings in it as much as you can. Talk dirty to him and let him know how much you want him.

Your thoughts and emotions are powerful and they communicate through with those two things. Especially in the beginning. That’s how you connect.

My life quest is to have my chakras balanced and fully working so I can see her and feel her and communicate effortlessly with my succubi companions. Actually while i’m typing this they are touching me heavily now. I’m lying down in bed and it’s after midnight so they always get more active at night.

Maybe they want to say something useful too and have some tips for you. But unfortunately I cannot differentiate her thoughts from my own thoughts yet.


I’d advise not to listen to everything the seller tells you about the ‘entity’ you buy, it’s best to get the information from the entity (if it’s a real entity) directly. That way you’re not frontloading yourself.

Any advice on the meditation part?

I’ve experienced all the things you have listed and like yourself, I’m still trying to deepen the connection with my succubus.

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If i was you i would talk to Lilith about what kind of incubus you looking for. From that focus on your meditation to try to contact with your incubus.


I do the void meditation by AdamThoth who shared it on this board. It’s a meditation which gets you into deep Alpha brainwave state but I feel you need to get deeper than that.

For metaphysical stuff happening you need to be in Thèta brainwave state which is deeper. Right before you’re about to fall asleep is when you are in Thèta state. It’s also a state where sleep paralysis occurs.

My main problems are my huge energy and chakra blockages from years of doing drugs and alcohol. Energy leaking and damaged aura etc need to be repaired and I think I need help from others in order to rebalance everything.

I got chakra workings done but it still needs alot of repairing etc.

I do kundalini yoga and meditation every day but i’m going to try out a new approach:

I’m saving up for the chakra rebalancing and refinement treatment and the third eye attunement, activation and cleansing.

They work together with Highly ranked demon surgeons/ Demonic physicians: Lord Azazel and Lord Uphir.

I never saw this before so I’m definitely gonna give this a try. Most magicians only work alone and get no help but these magicians work together with demons so it seems way more powerful.

It’s the least I can do or try. I am searching for ways to open up psychically.


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