Getting an app approved

I have an app that I found added a little bit of my graphics to it and I tried to put it in the Google Play Store . It got denied twice .

Once because I was using a song I didn’t have permission to use so I removed it . The second time I was told that an app looks similar to it and it’s already in the play store .

My problem is that the graphics that are in both my game and the game in the store, is completely free to use . So what demon can I make a pact with to make sure my app gets approved next time I submit it to the app store ?

Dantalion :purple_heart:

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Ohhhh yeah I forgot about him . But the process isn’t evaluated by a person it’s by a system . Will it still work ?

Yes absolutely he is a figure of science and systems.

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Thanks .

What’s the app do

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Launches a ball

nice :slight_smile:

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I want to know which demon can help me come up with ideas of new apps .



Evoke the mere concept of creativity as a being? :thinking:

This requires me to experiment

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The god ? Someone told me I need to have a relationship with the gods to work with them .

I don’t know how . I was thinking a goetic demon maybe .

Nah dude dont worry bout that


I’ll ask King Belial or Lucifer or another demon I work with to help me with ideas .

Really ?

How do I summon them then ?

Look up the planetary symbol for mercury. Call to the god.

Same way as goetics


Is this it ?



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King Paimon is the master of all arts and sciences. He can help in the creativity department.

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