Getting a raise right after being hired with magic?

so i have a question for you all. have any of you ever uses magic right away to get a raise after you got hired? for me personally I was sold this position i am now in as making a specific amount of money and I come to find out that I’m actually not making that much money. I am but im working more for it. I don’t want to leave to many specifics bc u never know who will come across this lol.

ok so anyways I used magic to get this job and this position. I don’t think what i did ever happened to anyone before with this specie company. I am very new to magic and am very happy with those results. I have spoken to the boss recently and pretty mux saod I was mislead and was sold the position on making x amount of dollars. which wpuld obviously equal out yo so much an hour now my boss she is very nice about the situation but she said i didn’t mean to say that. which I kinda think she did jist to get me to take the job (it happens all the time wotht people)

so I’m basically wondering if doing rituals for getting a raise instantly while I’ve obly worked a few weeks or so is a good idea and if any of you on here have ever done this.
I told her it was fine since im still making what i was told annually but i have to work alot more to get that. I honestly dont think it’s fine I just didn’t wanna start a problem right away. i kind of thibk if i was to use magic to influence her to up my pay instead of directly insinuating that she screwed me would be a better option.
she also told me that there are people in my position making the same or less that have been with this company for many years.

what do you guys think? I really want more money obv.

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No, there is no problem with doing more magick for a raise. It does not mean you will get a raise immediately, but it is perfectly fine to put the wheels in motion so it will eventually happen when the time is right.


ok thanks man

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