Getting a familiar spirit from goetics

Hi Magi,
I have often read that many of the goetics give familiar spirits. I have few questions.

Have anyone of you got one from goetics?
How to get one?
What can they be used for?
How to communicate with them?



I have.
You can probably ask them, or they can offer it to you.
Anything suitable to the spirit’s scope of work.
As per normal.


Yes. I have received a familiar from Belial.

Simply ask for one.

They can be used for almost anything their Lord can be used for.

Communicate the same way you would with any other spirit. I was provided a seal to use for the familiar from Belial.


What would the giver of familiar would want in return?
Would the familiar would want something?
Or they just want to use their power?

My astral sense are not open, cant say i can see the new sigil :stuck_out_tongue:


The demons don’t want anything in exchange for the familiar. The familiar still belongs to their Lord. They are just giving the magician the ability to call upon it… When you call upon a spirit to do a task, it is not usually the Big Dog that fulfills it, but the legions under them. The familiar you would be granted is a member of these legions.

The familiar is just fulfilling whatever their Lord has told them to do, so no, they don’t want or need anything.


@DarkestKnight Thanks :blush:


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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This sounds interesting, but can someone please tell me what’s a familiar? I ask this because I don’t really understand the concept of familiar in this context because the English is not my main language.
Thank you


Would asking Belial for a familiar be useful since I don’t see spirits, my intuition is real good tho?


A familiar is a helping spirit, usually specific to the individual mage or witch. I have a female familiar spirit, who was created for me by a fellow mage, and who resides in my heart chakra. She helps me with energy manipulation.

Traditionally, a black cat was a witch’s familiar, (the actual familiar was a spirit attached to the cat), and its job was to protect the witch, help with her spells, and guide her to her Sabbats with The Black Man ie the Devil.


I got mine through offerings :joy: I was offering incense and hold a little speech/prayer like “thank you for XYZ and I give you this incense as sign of my gratitude… etc etc”
And then he just said “grab your journal, where’s the pen? Go get it.” He drew a sigil with autogenic writing and just said “name of familiar it’s yours now.” I was totally perplex because I didn’t once said that I would want one and said “eehm ok thanks but why?” His answer “you showed your gratitude, I show mine. As you said we’re friends and I want to give it to you”

Belial is such a nice one, dry as shit though :joy: love him :heart:


Why not create one as a servitor? You can have anything you like then, and it’s part of your own energies.


Seems like your dp is of your servitor? :kissing_heart:

A dp? I am un"familiar" with this term? If you refer to the profile image - no that is something else entirely. I’d never show my servitors publicly.

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Thats what i meant - profile image.

When a demon give you a familiar spirit ? Is it yours forever ?

Do angels give familiar also?

Why are they call familiar