Get the truth from someone

I just recently broke up with my girlfriend and am unsure if I should get back with her. I don’t like the thought of not knowing what’s going on because we now live apart. I just want to know if she’s been with someone else (sexually, physically or emotionally), or if there’s still a chance of us. I want to do the spell myself, but unsure how to do it. I wouldn’t mind if someone did it for me either.

Thank you for all your help


I’m certain I’ve read about multiple entities and/or sigils with the power to reveal the truth or get a confession from someone, in several Gallery of Magick books, though I’d have to go digging to find the exact entities.

Hope this doesn’t come across as moralising, but do you really want to know the answer to that question? You could just as easily do some workings to bring her back to you without this knowledge


I’d rather know what’s going on, honestly lol I want her back as well though

Do you really want to be with her or are you just horny?

I broke up with a long-term girlfriend some years ago, and we ended up having sex again a bit after the breakup. I credit Paimon for that one. The sex was nice but I broke up with her for a reason.

I think you should take some time to really sit and meditate on this one. The only reason I stayed with this girl for as long as I did was because I was afraid of not getting to have sex. Hot girls are in abundance, including hot girls who you are actually compatible with and who respect you.

Getting out of a relationship, especially one that’s been going on for a while, is rarely easy, and it’s not uncommon for people to reconsider their decision. I would think about why you broke up with her and if those reasons are something that can be changed. If so, then by all means, talk to her and see how it goes. I’m guessing the both of you contributed to the relationship falling apart, so if you cannot both clearly communicate with each other about what displeased you then I wouldn’t even bother.

Any relationship needs to have some uncomfortable moments where you communicate about boundaries and what you want from the other person. If you don’t do this it gets toxic. You can’t get along with everyone, and you most definitely can’t have a close romantic relationship with just anyone, but I would say that it is true that people who would otherwise be compatible drift apart due to a lack of good communication. Good communication can also plainly reveal that it just won’t work out because you both need things that the other person just can’t give you.

That sounded a bit doom and gloomy, so I’ll say that it is certainly possible that you could repair the relationship. I’ve been through some pretty rough patches in relationships of mine where we emerged out the other side all the stronger. This always, always, always involves clear and open communication and a level of emotional maturity, patience, and strength on each side. Some people are just plain toxic and there’s really not much you can do but walk away as they blow themselves up with their own emotional hand grenade. There is absolutely no reason for you to go down with them. Some magick would absolutely be helpful as well, and I’d suggest using whatever method or working with whatever spirit you have confidence in.

And maybe I’m just projecting, but if you are more concerned about her personal life and what she has chosen to do after her boyfriend broke up with her, then I’d really recommend sitting down, having a think, and taking a good hard look at yourself and the relationship.


I’m not horny brother lol I’m just curious as to what is going on. I don’t like not knowing things. We talk and keep up conversation, I just feel things are being held back. I’m the kind of person where I need to know things so I can move on and progress, or I’ll go crazy.

I’m glad you shared your story though. It did give me a lot of incite as to what may be going on. I still want to know what’s being held back though.


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To answer your question, you can perhaps call on Sraagbel from Kingdom of Flame. You can search for info on him within the forum. I’ve called on him in times where I wanted the truth to be revealed to me, but in all honesty, in some situations the truth hurt more than not knowing because of the way it was revealed to me.

Valefar can make someone confess, I’ve called on him also and my target blurted out exactly what I wanted him to talk to me about and in that case it was the truth for that moment but he then backtracked later on and went against what he revealed previously.

All i can say is if you love her and want to be with her then fix the issues that caused you two to break up. All the knowing of the truth in the world won’t mean anything if you don’t get to the root of the issue and fix it.

Good luck.


Really, thanks @QueenMustang I’m glad you posted that.

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i need this so much can you help me.

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Have you already, or at least considered, told her that you think that you may have made a mistake breaking up with her? If a partner broke up with me and then started prying into my personal life I wouldn’t exactly feel like talking too much. I’d feel like telling them to back off.

Have you brought up the fact that you have likely done things which contributed to the relationship falling apart, and then asked her what has displeased her? It’s not the most comfortable thing in the world doing this, but if you do not acknowledge that your own behavior is contributing to your problem then you won’t get anywhere.

You mentioned that you were the one who broke up with her. Why did you do this? I’m guessing there are a variety of reasons. Have you spoken about these reasons with her, or did you let them fester and get more and more toxic within your mind? Are these reasons something that can change?

Without knowing more about the situation there’s not much else I can say. I am also confused about whether you want to restore this relationship or if you just want to spy on her life. This is primarily a LHP forum so I am not judging you. I’ve certainly partaken of my fair share of activities which I don’t share much if at all. I am looking for clarity so I can better help you out.

Regardless, I could make a very large list of spirits and methods that can provide you with information. You could do a tarot reading. If you’d like to use ritual magick for this (I’d consider doing both), you could use the Enochian Power of Truth from the book Universal Magick. You could make a general request, like “I knew the truth about __”, and a more specific request, like “I knew about __'s relationships” or “I knew the potential between __ and me” or “I knew __'s secrets”. The request about secrets is different from the general request as knowing the truth about someone includes knowing how they relate to you and fit into your life. If you want to repair the relationship, the powers of Healing and Belonging should have clear appeal. If you want to move on and find someone else, Healing and Belonging are also applicable. This is just one method you could use. You can work however you like.

If you use divinatory magick to reveal information, you can expect the information to arrive in a variety of ways, including intuitive perceptions, messages from the spirits, discoveries of evidence, and direct revelations from people. Give it time to work and be open to the possibilities and the magick is likely to do what you asked.

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Angels of Omnipotence by Jareth Tempest; “get a confession” sigil/ritual.

Note: I used this and it worked within hours. But it wasn’t the confession I wanted/intended, which messed up my plans a little bit. So, be aware that the confession you get may be something that you don’t want to hear.

You may want to do other work first to “sweeten” your target. For example you might ask Dantalion to make them think good thoughts about you, give it a week or two, and then perform a ritual to get them to make a confession of their romantic feelings.


I want to know who my ex is really.