Get an enemy fired spell

I need a spell to get two people in management fired, my general manager doesnt like them either but cant do anything due to the district manager liking one of them and the other is being worked with but probably will have too go go as well. Id also like to take on of their Positions if possible. Any suggestions?

King Paimon.


Is a full evocation required?

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No. I would say opening his seal and verbalising/visualising your intent should be sufficient.

Once done, carry the seal with you until the result manifests. Then burn it, and give thanks to the great king.


I simply stared at his sigil on my phone and asked him to do that and maybe some other beings (cant remember, i really need tonkeep a grimoire) and ge is now being transferrd.


Both enemies have been fired. One was fired for telling a female coworker “I wanna fuck you on the counter” another was transferred to remove his toxic bs and just now recently fired fornthe same bs we reported him for. Hail king paimon and belial and my eternal thanks is with them both. HAIL BELIAL, AND KING PAIMON!


Congrats on your nice results! :clinking_glasses:

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Thank you. It truly was these spirits all credit goes to them and those who recommenedd them