Gestation of servitors

Hi, this part of the process is really relevant and how long should it take? Damon Brand talks about thinking about the spirit for half an hour or even a week

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My mentor spent 180 days on his and even those that had no spiritual Abilitys or training could feel it

I think it’s more of a depends on how powerful you want it


It’s completely individual. If you have a well developed imagination, it can take only a few minutes or
a few hours. John Kreiter, in his book on servitors recommends half an hour to several days.

In a lot of Chaos Magick materials, most magicians seem to spend only a few minutes on their servitors before sending them out. In Modern Magick, Donald Michael Craig says a couple of days for creating his ‘artificial elementals.’

In my opinion, it is wholly dependent on the magician.


In my experience I would suggest at least reflecting/feeding your servitor once a day - they are like a fledgling bird after created.


I have Damon brands book titled magickal servitors as well as my first servitor in gestation at this moment for the past week. I also don’t quite know when it’ll be ready. But I will when the time is right?