Geomantic readings

Feeling like doing some Geomancy readings. Not sure how many I’ll do, I’ll see if it gets overwhelming.

With Geomancy there are only 16 figures, so if you ask for a general reading it’s probably going to be quite general… if you’re fine with that then I can try.

Specific questions are preffered, yes/no questions are the best, so if it’s possible phrase your questions in a yes/no format.



I highly recommend having specific questions
Will I get my girl/guy back?
Should I take up that course?
Will I win the elections?
Will I find my item and where might it be?
Will our relationship go to the next level?
Is my magic working

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May I have one?

I would love one general, doesn’t matter how much “general” it is :slight_smile:

thank you !

Okay which kind?

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Okay give me some minutes…

I pm you.

Hi ! I would like one please :slight_smile:

Can I pm you my question ?

Okay here is what I got… At the moment lots of wild passion in regards to something… Maybe a partner or a relationship
A union or partnership in the future relating to financial aspects… I see sadness in regards to employment or a job
In the horizon lies limits and challenges that might have to be, faced In order to achieve this thing you desire…
I see a loss overally…maybe you’ll lose your heart or money…
At the moment you’re really fortunate… I see peace and wisdom concerning occult matters
There will be change in your friends and/or hopes or wishes

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Yes you can

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Not really good at general readings but I tried to pick out what I got

Thank you for doing this.
I would like to know what’s coming for me in April.

Can you pls give me a reading…if slots are still available

Is the guy on whom I had done love spells thinking of me. Will he come back?


Okay hold on

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I see limitations regarding finances… You’re really passionate or hopeful about something related to this… I see magic taking its effect creating bridges that must, be acted upon swiftly… I see lots of happiness relating to employment/a job perhaps… And if its a job won’t be really far away from your surroundings… There will be challenges faced… But that can, be overcome with vigilance… Things may not fall out as you plan and this may make you temporarily really tempermantal…in the long run there is piece and lots of fortune from above…

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Could you read for me please?


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And also happiness concerning a relationship or partnership… A spouse maybe

Thank you :wink:

Okay I stared off with your love spell:
Well a brief period of happiness will ensue where by you will gain contact and communicate with the person or he may open up to you…
But this situation is not promising and this love spell might not give you exactly what you want in the long run and will in the end make you sad
I see your partner is involved with another person feeling that he/she moved on or is trying to and his systems have gotten a bit confused to the energy received…
So yes… You may gain a brief moment of happiness but won’t be satisfied with the end result
Piece of advice is to continuously use magic and refresh your enchantments