Genie's lamp-like shape appearing on my mirror


So I am dealing with a peculiar phenomenon. Each time after I take a shower there appears on my main bathroom mirror a shape resembling a Genie’s lamp (water vapor leaves a shape resembling it and each time it has exactly the same and very prominent contours). I think it appeared for the first time after I smduged my home with white sage some six months ago. I have never performed any invo/evocation although I’ve dabbled in magic (mainly petition and money spells). Is there any way to find out who/what tries to leave me a message?

Thanks for all the ideas you may have

Have you washed the mirror since the first occurrence?

I ask because my husband often draws things in the steam/humidity on our mirror when he showers before I get up to leave me a message, or sometimes writes on the mirror with a dry erase marker to let me know where he is.

If I don’t wipe it off it will come back every time we shower, though more smeared for a while.

Dust also can linger a long time- I drew a sigil on two of my outdoor windows with dust in like august and they are still quite clear.

Otherwise I’d encourage you to look into djinn and genius spirits. Both have been equated to the genie in the bottle stories though they are quite a bit a different in ways.

Yes, I’ve washed it many times since and it still appears exactly the same, that’s what makes this occurence interesting from my point of view.

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In that case this:

I don’t know which might be interested in working with you, but if it’s occurring often and you’ve taken mundane action it sounds like one of the two is trying to get your attention.

I’ve had both do pretty physical phenomena almost like shadow types so while I lean to djinn it could be either.

When you smudged the house it might have realized oh hey he’s not just an unaware human.

Which makes me think djinn since they are more likely to be externally localized than genius imop given the differences in their nature.

A genius is much more likely to communicate with me telepathically or internally than the djinn- usually. But that’s definitely not exclusively, they’ve done some pay attention/heads up! moves that downright startled me from time to time.

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