Genesis Radionics Machine Experiments

I recently bought the Genesis Radionics Machine from Lawless Metaphysics, my fascination for this technology expanded to another level after reading @C.Kendall s review on the forum.

My first spell was powered by the Astarte love lust and attraction seal which I think also by @C.Kendall

I was in a group of sorority chicks recently so I charge a custom sigil with the machine and the Astarte seal. As the machine was charging the sigil I noticed this pink energy come into my field, and it was a very irresistible energy.

The same night I had a girl slide into my dms and within a few days I made up with an ex I hadn’t been at peace with for nearly 5 years, I also noticed more female glances at school as well, in general it’s been really wrapping a programmed reality around me.

However I did notice, that I think because the energy is so fast and powerful, I’ve noticed it brings out a lot of the girls shadows as well, like I’ve noticed strange outbursts, strange behavior that’s usually never in my field, it’s almost like love and hate, it’s like it’s too much for them, so nothing really stocked so far :joy:

But there’s definitely a huge change, because it’s still building up like I feel the spell is still going, and it’s only becoming more solidified in a sense

Overall, what this device can do is pretty cool, it really opened up the magick of my casual body as well.

The only thing I’m still trying to grasp is the purpose and function of the knobs and the mechanics behind them, I feel like there’s still so much more that I need to learn about the device and how to operate it, but I do plan on using it more because this is like the living idea of a life hack.



Check out these videos to about those badass machines !!!

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May i suggest to add healing (health) properties into positive workings for yourself? And for anyone you wished to interact with so you are ALWAYS surrounded by health and healing benefits.

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