Generational curse?

Hi I went to a mystic or what ever you call it.

He said that someone done black magick on my grandmother 60+ years ago. My grandmother became mentally ill after that and has been having bad luck ever since. She can no longer walk.

He also said because my great grandfathers brothers mrs died giving childbirth. Her and the child both died.

Now apparently because of these 2 things apparently the curse or family trauma or what ever you call it has been passed down to me. My life has been pretty bad in all ways and nothing I do goes my way.

He said he will do a ritual for a solution.

Is what he says legit?



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It doesn’t seem to me that most of us can answer that question any better than you can. We can do divination, surmise based on your post etc, but when it comes down to it…

I think I’d do the leg work and try to find out for myself if the person who advised of this is legit or not. I’m certain I’ve seen posts about how to determine if someone is real or not. I’d research, divine, research, then make thst decision for myself.

Naturally the opinion of others can be important but If you are unable to determine if someone you worked with is legit, how will you know if any of us are correct in our guidance?

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Just be aware that it is a common scam for a “psychic” to claim that you’ve been cursed and that they’re able to break the curse in return for your money.


It could well be the case; however, many of the “professionals” you find out there are scammers. Not all of them, but the vast majority.

Did you ask him wat exactly he would be doing? Did he tell you who exactly placed it so you could look into their reasons and take it from there (perhaps the person is still alive)? Have you considered taking matters into your own hands and doing it yourself?

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The other thing to consider is anytime I’ve done work for someone or had work done for me, pictures were exchanged of the ritual. I wouldn’t ever guarantee anything when I do a ritual because there are many influencing factors to be considered. Some of the ones that come to mind include ones own self doubt, lust for results and so on.

I think my point was to your thoughts that… if someone is guaranteeing a result… be vary warily. If they aren’t it is ok to ask what they are going to do, and for a snapshot of what they did do after.


Tell them results first, money later and see how they react. Most scammers will try to go around it so you pay it, most legit people will say goodbye and goodluck. In any sort of scam.

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Is there such a thing as curses being passed down to family members who haven’t even been born?

Like how does my great grandfathers brother mrs dying giving child birth have anything to do with me?


It sounds like a script, I had someone tell me almost the exact same story and for the low price of $100 for supplies I could reach my full potential, apparently others he charged $300, I must look poor or something.


Sure, it can be a generational curse, but you also need to understand that you can break those curses.

Also, keep in mind that just by thinking that you have a generational curse, you might be self-sabotaging youself


According to Thomas Sheridan, they can be passed down; whether it’s intentional or not is anybody’s guess. I don’t suppose people necessarily intend for that to happen, but that’s just my guess (some might).

How did he reach that conclusion anyway?

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Exactly. Apparently a curse is most efficient when the person believes they are cursed.

I always wanted to do a generational curse :thinking:

But why

I find curses or blessing that pass down from generation to generation to be fascinating.

Is there a book on that?
And sorry for resurrecting this topic. .
I really need that info.


Yes @PriestessLayla there are magicians here familiar with bloodline curses and how to break them. I am one such magician with experience with this.

There are others on BALG


I am not looking to hire a magician.
I want to learn the resource so i can do the rituals myself.
I am aware of your abilities. Your friend was telling me about them.


I wasn’t offering to let you hire me.

I’m making myself available if you have questions as a resource person @PriestessLayla


That is really nice and i appreciate it :blush:
I will message you then after work.
Thank you :pray: