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I know I’ve made a thread previously about “master of yourself”, my phone is broke and I can’t go back to that thread, is “you’re the master of yourself” a general saying accepted by everyone? What else are general sayings apart from that? Sorry to make a second thread about this, I only want facts and not a lie made up by someone. Again, sorry for Making another thread

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Not by me in the wider sense of being a universal law: we’re all born into a culture, you cannot master yourself into speaking Russian as fluently and effortlessly as someone whose only difference is they were born in Russia. You’d have to seek out lessons, and add this on, whereas to them it’s just speech, the language of their innermost thoughts.

No conscious effort was required, and they were given this without exercising any form of free will (if we leave out the possibility of our souls making a pre-birth agreement, which is a bigger and more controversial topic not relevant here).

Most people, even adult humans, have far less agency than they realise, because we exist in a society, and it shapes us, our goals, and what we believe is possible, desirable etc.

Try being an anime-loving rubber fetishist, whose hobby is Formula One racing and who finds meaning in her Instagram likes and online friends, in the year 1396, if you don’t believe me.

And on a nastier level, torture, brainwashing, or simple cult indoctrination can UTTERLY alter someone’s identity and perception of reality, such that almost nothing of the former personality remains, at least for very long periods of time.

These are common sayings:

That which is above is like that which is below (shortened version).

Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

Love is the law, love under Will.

These are not facts though, just things people have come up with, there is probably no definitive source of Truth out there, except what you determine always holds up to scrutiny.

This book will cover most seeming paradoxes you’ll find regarding what’s “real” and what’s “just in your mind”: The Kybalion PDF, archived link (we don’t trade PDFs on here as a general rule but this one is okay, the text is out of copyright and the edition was given for download from the site that created it).

Back to what you asked, my own bulletproof ideas are:

Amor Vincit Omnia - love conquers all (not very Dark EdgeKween but still true in my experiences).

Eva’s Law: “When you do weird shit, expect weird shit to start happening” - meaning, if you start doing evocations, invocation, divination, etc., expect reality around you to start getting a bit strange, and I did a thread about some of the more common stangeness here: Common Experiences Among Magicians

But everything people can prove, someone else has a different experience, which is as real and true, to them, or in some circumstances, etc.


I’ll have a read at the Kybalion , I believe you fully. I’ve made a coping list but some told me nothing could be wrong with my list , and I wanted to know which ones are facts and which are lies (coping method that is wrong) and nobody has answered it, or which one of my coping methods people have gone through So I know that it’s a fact. Darkestknight for example told me that I can observe my anxiety with no concern, so I thought if someone like him says that, it means nothing bad/harmful will ever happen to me, ever. I wouldn’t believe it if it was said by someone else than DarkestKnight. Could you please look at my coping thread and check what’s fact/or makes sense and which are lies/inaccurate ? I’ll have a look at the kybalion now , thanks for your insight !!!

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I can’t factcheck someone else’s reality but I have replied to the best of my ability.

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