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Ive had some amazing changes happen since beginning to work with various entities over the past month. All the rough shit i endured is really paying off now.

Ive been heavily addicted to opiates, opioids, benzodiazepines, and amphetamines for the last 9 years. Never had i truly wanted to change any of that. Maybe it crossed my mind from time to time, but I was entirely unwilling to make any progress on myself.

Even working with Lucifer, i would just request more drugs to flow into my life. It happened for a while, but i hit a major breaking point when my mom died just a little over a week ago.

She was my major supplier, she was prescribed 360 oxy 30s a month, valium, ativan, morphine. She always made sure i was comfortable.

When she died i was like “Fuck i have no choice but to do heroin if i want to continue this path”. Went out and got a few points, got high as shit and astral projected into communication with my mom. She told me its a good thing, i have this oppertunity to get my life together, to summarize the conversation.

Reguardless of this i still really had no intention of quitting, but i decided to just not go look for anything. Its 6 days later, this is the longest ive gone without hard drugs in fucking years. Its different this time, i actually got through withdrawal in 4 days. The longest i had ever gone was 2 weeks without and it was hell the entire time (in 2013).

Yesturday and today i feel completely transformed, my head is incredibly clear, im happy, in a good mood, feel driven to be successful for my own wellbeing.

Nothing in my life has ever helped push me this far, without a shadow of a doubt, Lucifer has been looking out for my best interests. Nothing else has ever worked for me or sparked the slightest inspiration. Its in my nature to be extremely stubborn. But fucking im really doing this now and i actually feel great.

I NEVER thought this would be possible, ever. But I just want to say thank you Lucifer so much for creating such a possitive change in my life.

I will always smoke weed, ill always seek psychedelics, and things to expand my consciencness. But the self destructive shit is behind me. Never did I think this was a possibility, I cant say that enough.


Blessings of whatever kind are appropriate for you

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Proud of you dude. Living on your own terms is the best kind of living.


Me too bro me too.

That’s a lie. Mushrooms are super self destructive to the psyche xD. I’m just messing with you though.

As for the hard drugs, I’ve been there man… Just take it one day at a time and stay away from the things that trigger you.

Congratulations on finding yourself and a guide, it takes some time to get used to it but it’s even more amazing once you do.

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