General calling to all entities

Hey everyone

Is there a way to call out to all the entities and just speak openly, honestly, and emotionally about what you are going through and what you would like help with and seeing if any of them respond or manifest themselves?

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I wouldnt recommend sending out an ‘open invitation’ for influence from outside forces.

But, I myself have done rituals calling upon all of ‘my’ forces, allies, mentors, ancestors etc. Call each specifically, with any personal honorifics youve given the spirits. I do it one by one, feeling each energy individually, and then asking them to stay until all are in attendance.


I honestly doubt it, existence is way too large for it to reach literally every entity and even people here count as entities lol. You’re better off looking into one specifically and going from there.

Sure you can, with a caveat as Rungr mentioned.

A general calling to all non-corporeal entities in your vicinity is the approach I have taken.

It has led to spontaneous visions, chills, things that go bump in the night, poltergeist activity that both me and my wife witnessed on several occasions, and ultimately, you get rid of em.

Why? Because they attach to you and use you. It gets draining. Not their fault, you asked for them to be there. However, there’s one parasite I believe I’m stuck with now. Yippee.

Anyways, center yourself, enter the theta gamma sync, or just a profound observant mental state. Invite the entities to you, and say it out loud, as if talking to someone in the room.

It works to attract ancestrals, dead, demons and other astrals.

Good thing to do is perform a circle opening ritual, LBRP or whatever variant you like, and any technique that has you imagining projecting lots of light.

Have fun!

There would be this magical ‘prayer’: “O higher powers which adjust and perturb the equilibrium of Universe: let loose the entities, wandering in the cosmos. I call on the poles of the universe, to the black and the red angels. O you entities, compose your astral bodies from the ether, come here and manifest as you please. Your force be my force, my energy be your energy. So be it.”

I did something like this year’s back.
During my spiritual and magickal development, I was sick of certain incidents in my life.
So I decided to claim back the power that had been taken from me.

I stood atop of chalky mountain cliffs, during a full moon at night. Looking over the sea I spread out my arms as wide as I could.

Head tilt backwards breathing in the energy of the whole natural environment, usurping it’s prana to fuel my subtle bodies.
Once the subtle bodies had been charged, I funneled the prana into my chakras, then meridians and even my physical body.
Finally pushing the prana to my auric field, solidifying it within me.

I closed my eyes entered a deep state of inner power, a deep trance came over me.
I could feel the blood running through my veins, I connected there to the blood of my ancestors.
Intuitively calling on their strength, their power, rousing the hereditary ancestral Magick within my bloodline.

I expanded my aura to the confines of the cosmos, I drew the powers of magick inwards.
Invoking my Atman, till I could feel the power that emanates from the source of all things, that condenses as the river of light and sound through all planes.

It distilled into my being, I could feel the hidden god within my core awake from its slumber.
The surge of godlike power flowed into my throat chakra, filling it with divine fire and godlike will.

My throat burned and began pulsing, when I spoke each word, each sound and vibration I pushed my pure power into each letter and sound.

I stared to the sky and beyond the veil and spoke.

“Children of creation, of the source, of the void,
Of dark and of light, of air, fire and water,
Of the saviour and the adversary.
Hear the call of thy creator, condensed within
this temple of flesh, I compel creation to
succumb to my will, all forms of life hear me,
Spirits, Angels, Gods, Goddesses, Demons,
The dead and the living, the known and
unknown. For I am the power and the glory,
The Adversary and the saviour, all who oppose
me from above me shall burn with heavenly fire.
All who oppose me from below shall burn with
blackened hellish fury.”

This was all i could remember the rest was a blur, it was reinstating my power and will to the world’s. Ensuring that if any oppose me be it human or god, I would not show mercy.

So yeah it’s possible, as long as you’re sphere of influence is expanded to the omnipresent degree.
We do have the voice of silence, the voice that echos through all realms and planes.

Through our astral body the voice shall echo through the astral plane.
Through our casual body the voice shall echo through the casual plane.
Through our mental body the movie shall echo through the mental plane.
Through our Atman it shall echo through the abyss and the heavens into the heart of the eternal itself.