General Advice?

Energy sensing, chakra work, and meditation have been my main focus. I’ve made pretty good progress in all of these areas, but want to progress further. Occasionally, I can sense people’s aura. I’m much better at feeling my own energies, as well as keeping my chakras balanced and working on them as needed. My meditation has been good but has gotten a little weird lately.

Two times this past week time has just disappeared while I’m meditating. One time, about an hour and a half of time had passed and I swear I had only been meditating for about ten minutes? The other time, I was meditating before bed, and the next thing I know I’m waking up (I think?). I say this because I check the time at it’s 6:30 A.M. I have no clue what happened. No recollection of this missing time or what happened at all. Anyone have any ideas/ know what happened/ how I can figure out what went on?

Also, any advice on things I should be doing next would be amazing :slight_smile:


Fun huh?

The key to unguided meditation like this is that you shouldn’t feel tired afterwards. So even if you wind up meditating all night, the lack of ‘sleep’ should be irrelevant. … because it is.

Where you can go from here:

  1. You can embark on a path to reach a blissful state during meditation. Reaching bliss state is done by transcending the body and mind while meditating. Its just a fancy way of saying: let go of your body and mind and witness your body processes without interfering. You might get lucky and slip into the bliss state. It is fucking AWESOME. Happened to me exactly once. Lasted a few minutes. You can’t force it or will it. Bliss state is something you fall into. Check out the indian gurus like Sadhguru on youtube and try to read between the lines.

  2. Use your meditation as the first step to any ritual. It is sure to get you into an amazing magickal mood.

  3. Convert your unguided meditation into a soul travel attempt. Focus on a place. Be single minded with your focus.

So your meditation can lead to all sorts of wonderful things. The post-meditative state is a powerful state of mind. You tend to be more open to the currents around you. More sensitive to energy.

… anyways, you’ll figure it out.


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Honestly I love meditation. I don’t know why it took me so long to get started on it. Soul travel as well as astral projection are things that I’ve been wanting to get started on, so I’ll definitely give it a shot.

:crossed_fingers: for that bliss state!


Hey ever try meditating while under partial sensory deprivation? It is surprising how the eyes and ears are ‘charged’ and provide all sorts of noise inputs to your brain. It takes a long time for all that energy and noise to die down even when your eyes and ears are blocked. Like when you close your eyes and you see all those colors … junk. After a while, unless you are high, the colors and junk disappear.

When I block out my hearing with some powerful foam earplugs, after ten minutes or so I start hallucinating audio! I start hearing voices and music. Sometimes I can hear voices so clearly its like a form of projection. Makes me wonder if I’m soul travelling in a sense, literally in a ‘sense’ of audio. After a while, it fades. Could just be sense junk.

Also you tend to be able to hear your bodily processes like breathing much more. Soothing.

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I’d chalk the time distortions up to the fact that you are beginning to master the art. You now have what you need in order to do some serious magickal works.


Funny that you mention that, I was thinking about going and getting an hour in a sensory deprivation tank to meditate… :thinking:

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I’ve been meditating a lot more consistently lately and I’ve been having to use foam earplugs after a dog in my neighborhood always seems to sense right when I’m about to slip deeper in relaxation and loudly lets me know about it. :joy:

At any rate, I get the same thing: random snippets of conversation, one or two word phrases, or musical bars. I’ve been wondering if it’s a beginning form of clairaudience or just random bursts of auditory neurons firing in protest of their lack of input. :thinking:

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Nice to share this experience with someone!

Oh that would be fun!