Gemstones for ArchAngels?

I am wondering where a good online store is for buying gemstones that correspond to planetary angels?

I have quartz for Michael
I have Aventurine for Raphael
I have amethyst and Lapis Lazuly for Sachiel.

I bought a nice piece of leather today and a leather cord. I thought to better acquaint myself with these angels I might get stones for the rest of them. I don’t know it I could carry them around in a satchet or if it is better to carry them one at a time for get to know these entitities.

I am looking to make friends with them so different ones of them to help me with talisman creation. But my talisman book and my Grimoire of Angels tell me to get to know these guys before I try anything big.
I have been putting their sigils and planetary signs on candles and burning them. But I would like to have the rocks too.

(I can’t say enough good things about Archan’s Grimoire of Angels. Without Damon Brands books I would not have been ready for the Grimoire, but his books prepped me good enough to dive into this enormous work on Pauline Art.) I wasn’t going to buy it because it was 70 bucks, but I am glad I did.

Any idea if I can buy all the Angel rocks as a set or where to go for just “natural or uncut and polished” stones.
is satchet or individual carrying better for introducing myself.

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Technically Amethyst is aligned with archangel Zadkiel with the violet flame, however, you can also link gemstones to them in your own way.


This is what my book shows for Sachiel
Gems: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire, Sugilite or Turquoise.

Do you find he likes Amethyst best of those stones?

You’d have to ask him yourself, sometimes even the book could be wrong on what they individually like.

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