Gazing, scrying, looking into the mirror

I was looking into the mirror, it was kinda dark there in the room,but there was a little bit of sunlight what was coming in so it wasn’t too dark. While I was looking into the mirror I could see it become black untill only my own figure was black, and I could notice that the reflection of my body looked different in some of the moments, more Masculine or different in other ways.
I’m unsure what I am doing and I always have that feeling just to gaze into mirror. So I don’t know was I doing something over there it’s not the first time doing this thing . So does anyone know what I see and do? And One time I saw a greenish yellow color aura in my siluet, and recently someone told me what my aura looks like that what’s why I am starting to take this mirror thing way more serious. :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:


Shadow work also involves a mirror and it may be something that is useful for you to try. Same idea as what you are already doing. Now just add in some personal communication with the different aspects of yourself and what ever you need to deal will pop up to be worked on.

Its also pretty common to see images in the mirror from my own experience.


Yes it does sound helpful, I should try it in the future, thanks for the reply

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One of the best vids on shadow work:
Shadow Work


You dint lie it’s a really good video.

I’ll give that a watch today! Thank you @Rav :black_heart:

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@Lucy88 ya. shadow work. Go out into the sunny day and see if you can talk to your shadow. lol. walk around and it will follow you or u follow it. that’s shadow work. =o) If u really look at the shadow. It’s getting in touch with the dark side. As you can see the darkness when you look at the shadow. haha!!! :rofl:

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:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I prefer the mirror. I like looking at myself too much to just go talk to my shadow :rofl:


Talking to your shadow self?