Gathering Energy and Meditation (need advice)

As the title says i need a method for gathering energy cause i wanna create a servitor
Also meditation to help me control my energy

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I’m going to share with you some of my methods of gathering energy through meditation.
you’re lifestyle plays big role on this(by that i mean if your a lazy vaping ass who eats shity food and consumes toxins don’t expect much out of this practice :sweat_smile::ok_hand:t5:) consistency is key along side with believe
First practice
Do not think of anything focused solely on what you do
To help yourself sit in a quiet place or a place where you are comfortable
Just close your eyes
Focus on the area under your navel 3 cm in this area
Called DAN
TIEN is considered among the centers
Of the seven In the body to collect energy and called CHAKRAS
focused on DAN TIEN and imagine that the glow begins to appear suddenly
And that area becomes glowing and imagines this glowing color as the fog bring out small glows like 1 or 2 as you want visualize it as detailed as you can and imagine that they are climbing from the navel to the chest
Then into your hand, draw a path in your imagination
That the energy reached your hand as you will feel tingling or heat or attraction
Or something now that’s my energy feeling practice now let’s move on to
is the process enables you to renew your energy and is very easy
Sit or stand as you like just make sure your comfortable in your psyche and now you breathe from the nose and
Imagine that energy in the air enters the nose and is stored in the DAN
TIEN and take the air out of your mouth and imagine that negative energy comes out with air output Repeat operation until you feel that the DAN
TIEN has obtained sufficient energy
Another method which is similar to breathing because they have the same function, which is to renew energy so that it expels energy
Negative and positive energy pool
stand up straight or sit on a chair it is necessary that the two feet are attached to the ground
(Even better if your barefooted on a place in nature)
Imagine that rocks come out of your wheel and go deep into the ground and imagine that you are absorbing the energy of the earth and stored in the DAN
TIEN until you feel full now this one is my favorite where I felt that I was part of dragon ball z
Energy Ball
This practice will teach you to heat the body, move energy and throw it at whatever you want to send your energy toward tbh
First, breathe the energy of the earth
best If you are at home at your own space now transfer energy to your hands as I mantioned in the feeling practice
hands are facing each other close your eyes and imagine the energy coming out of the right hand and the left hand and make a gap in the air
If you feel coolness, heat and prickling, this is evidence of your creation
For the ball now keep your eyes closed and you imagine the ball in a circle focused to finish it
You can feel it after several attempts I felt it after my sixth attempt tbh
That’s what I got for ya hope that it helped :))


Does this work for baneful energy aswell

Yes if you practice it constantly
Try to raise your vibration.