Gathering Allies - Lodges and Orders

Since I have joined the army as encouraged by Asmoday last April to better my disciplinary and work ethic aspects of myself, I have just graduated Basic training and arrived at my new station in Tennessee. I now achieved the new start in life that I desired. I wanted to be stationed in Germany just so I could reside in Europe but it turns out this is a blessing in disguise. I am between all the most occultist-populated areas in the USA.

I could go in ranting but I’ll make this short. I’ve made this turn in life to achieve better balance in my self, to grow stronger both physically and astrally, and gather Allies for a list of very specific occultic goals I will only be willing to discuss in private.

To start with this agenda I have bee looking into possibly joining a few occult orders so I could “make some friends.” But I know participation requires devotion to a blend of spiritual/academic curriculum delta to the new initiate. I have come with a question regarding lodges. The internet is a really foggy place regarding communities. So I’d like to ask if anyone here would know of any independent occultic lodges who are geared towards Astral conquest, necromancy, and/or darker angelic work.

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Order of the Dragon Rouge perhaps. Thomas Karlssons order I believe.