Gathering all vampires!

I’m being stopped as an ascending magician by individual whom I’ve sent multiple entities to kill. I tried taking an alternative path, but this person is so fucking stupid is destructive! This is a last resort. Most of the spirits want me to do it on my own, so thats what I need to to. I don’t have the emotions to bring out a curse, so Vampirism will have to do. I want this done don’t quickly and powerfully, with the help of a few magicians. (Which will in turn help everyone network with other magicians too) Who’s interested in feeding on my obstacle?

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I’ll give away the target, if your interested through a PM.

You want him dead but dont have the emotions to actually curse him? I dont know at all about the scenario but have you tried simply binding him? Its much easier and the spirits may be willing to help with that.

Yes I’ve tried binding with Paimon before when I was first starting out. I saw results, but not completely successful. And It could have been a result of another spirit.