GateKeepers Rearranged

I found some neat things about the names of the GateKeepers.


I took the last two letters from the first row:
I took the last two letters from the second row + satan:

It seems that aLoNeLoN = Alone Lon. (Alone One)
It seems that gEuBaLuSaN, written inverse as
Nasulabueg, then = Nasul a bueg (Nasal, a bug)

To myself, it seems like two hints are encoded in the names of the GateKeepers.
Alone One seems straightforward, this work can be lonesome.
Nasal, a bug seems to eerie to just be coincidence.

I welcome any and all comments!

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But then it would only work in english, not other languages :no_mouth:

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Insensitive due to the state of the world, but relevant; bug. Virus.

The Gatekeepers are focused on revolutionary evolution. I feel insects of all kinds hold their relevance, some more than others, but almost essential, sort of like the Locust that is attributed to Abaddon.

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Insect to orifice voices. The original Cochlear Implant. Do enough coke and the nasal ones disappear, never quite figured out how to get that mosquito out of my ear yet.
I never did quite figure out the name of the nose one, maybe you did.