Gatekeeper ritual

I did this ritual about 4 to 5 years ago with my then gf and best friend.
Now none of us even talk to each other
My gf and I broke up and I got married to another women
My best friend hates me,
What do you guys think went down,
I copied the ritual as ea koetting gave it.
Any advice from anyone would be awesome.
It just blows my mind that 4 to 5 years ago these two people I couldn’t imagine living without are no longer in my life.
Any advice would be awesome thanks guys.

You really haven’t told us anything about the ritual. The honest answer is that it could be related or not. Location change? Occupation change? Maturity?

What ritual was it and who did it call?

ANY of these things could be a factor.


Thanks for you reply

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it’s simple it wasn’t to be there’s a path your to walk

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