Gatekeeper Keeper Ritual

Hey Y’all!

I would like any information out there from anyone willing to share their experiences on the after effects of the Gatekeeper Ritual.
Anyone who has done it, positive and negative effects, please, anyone.

its pretty nerve wracking. i mean you are literally opening a door to the abyss, then having that door cast itself over your reality within the circle, and then being lowered in a literal lake of chaotic fire.

the fire itself BURNS!. i was so surprised when i actually felt the burning. up till that point in my practice astral sensations had all been so light and fluffy, this is something FAR different that.

i didn’t fully understand why it is a necessary part of the ascension process at first, but i’ll reveal it to you now. the gatekeeper ritual makes you a sword. a sword in a blacksmith’s furnace. you must temper yourself in the fiery stuff of the abyss in order to become strong in the abyss. there is no other way. and if you’ve read some of my older posts on the topic you’ll understand why.

the biggest effect of the gatekeeper ritual for me was the elevation of manifestation. that basically means it seems to me that the power of my manifestations got bigger so to speak. things started happening on a huge scale. i was even scared of myself a couple times because there was such a massive result. not that i did anything i didn’t want to do with my magic, no blow back on innocent bystanders and such, its just that repeated performance of this ritual will bring you to a whole-nother level and you may not be ready for it.


I have yet to forge my sword, as my true sword exists in a very special place. But yeah Ive crossed the Lake of Fire quite a few times without forging it. The Zword is symbolic of a number of things like aspects of the self. The sword can also exist across time and space mucb like spirits do. There is a bit of mythological symbolism and magick and history tied in with the sword even up to the present day.

Is this Belials ritual?

Question? Where does one find the gatekeeper ritual? Detailed in how to perform it?

The Book of Azazel.

Anyone know when we will get the signed pacts and video?

As far as experience … I find myself grinding my teeth in my sleep very aware of a partial possession.

I have straight on with Belial … I want to learn to do things myself.

Whatever needs to be healed… go ahead and heal.

I am here to be a God.

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