Does anyone know where I can find information on Ganymede and his correspondences? I want to start working with him.

There seems to be quite a bit of information out there if you type Ganymede into google


There’s a handful of posts here as a well, if you use the search function, but I’m assuming you’re asking, due to the fact that it’s only a few posts.

I didn’t see anything on amazon or barnes and noble, so hopefully someone will know have another resource for you, if google isn’t working out.

It’s possibly with the Greek mythology relation that @Anassa might be able to point you in a more direct manner, to something that would help you.


Thanx Keteriya I looked at page because the name drew me in cool to see a mortal getting assended even if it was only for beauty, seems to be like the opposite of what happened to Medusa I need to re read about her and find out what her name was befor she was wronged. I made out with her it was hot,


As @Keteriya said you can find already plenty of info on google. The only thing I’ll point out from my side, is that based on Pausanias, who was a geographer, in his book about Corinth he says


Thank You All!