Ganesha and other Hindu deities


So was wondering any specific mantra for Lord Ganesha?

I am a Hindu and I know the mantras for all of the deities however wanted too see if others have anything different to share. Also how did they respond and what were the reasons for summoning them

Om Gam Ganapateyeh Namah


Yup I use that too during Ganesh Chaturthi




This I use for removing obstacles

I’d love to know how he communicated with others who are actively working with him

Well even i am a HINDU but i never thought of summoning any HINDU deities

if i ever decide to summon any my first choice will be

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My family is hardcore Maa Kali and Hanuman ji worshippers

I have almost all deities on my altar - MAin ones

But I work with Lucifer and I’ll start with Lord Ganesh

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Kali is a sweetheart


let me know which methods you use to summon the entities

I don know why but I am a little scared of her tbh

Coz she is soooooo powerful

We used to celebrate Kali puja in our house courtyard - The big idol , the fasting, the mantras, rituals the whole nine yard and the my uncle passed away and we stopped the celebration

But we still fast and offer money for her celebration elsewhere

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Lucifer - I draw the sigil and focus on it while listening to his enn

And then once the enn is over I just start talking to him

For Lord Ganesh - just stare at his idol and chant that mantra for 20 minutes straight

Before summoning I have this DOM book and I perform the basic lbrp - without the pentagram and then after am done I perform the license to depart thing

Lbrp specifically to balance the energy so that I don’t get head spins or headaches later on

Also good incense - for lucifer I always use Sandalwood

For Lord Ganesh I use jasmine or one bouquet smelling incense

For daily house cleansing I use sandalwood and once a month camphor

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Why are you scared of her? I understand she can be intimidating

Wow Kali pooja is awesome


Just scared that I might end up offending her and then that’s it am done


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Can you share your experience with Maa Kali?

Like what were you working with her for and how did she respond? Her energy and behaviour - only if it’s ok to share

Why do you think you might offend her?


Just a few thought

So what kinda experience you have ? What does she help with? Anything specific or everything ?