Ganesh Idol As Cthulu?

Hey guys I got this idol a while back when I bought it I felt a connection of it to cthulu. Can I use it for summoning Cthulu and will it work?


Look at those cute smiley face leg impressions. Ganesh is a happy god.

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No, I think you’ll end up summoning Ganesh instead.

I think it depends on what it means to you. I have a wooden key I cut/carved by hand to honor Hecate. As far as I’m concerned it’s only going to act for her. That was the intent during the entirety of the working (literally and figuratively). I wouldn’t use it for another.

If I were to pick up a statue of Ganesh, that I bought for that purpose, then I would only use it for Ganesh, without going through some rituals and offerings to first remove MY intent of it being for Ganesh (setting it back to zero, if you will), then, to apply the intent for it to work for another Deity.

If that idol already represents Cthulu to you, your intent should work towards it being Cthulu. Cleanse it first, just in case, but what really matters is YOUR intent and YOUR clarity about what it means to you. Otherwise, it’s just some combination of metal, plastic, and perhaps wood (in general).

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