Game store that also sells occult books

If the location was carefully chosen, could this be a thing?

Game store as in videogames, or more in the line of warhammer 40k, Dungeons and dragons and MtG? Latter MIGHT work…the former very unlikely in my opinion.

The latter is what I was thinking. Since I know very little on video games or the tech used to make them, I personally wouldn’t sell them.

Might work. Rpg etc crowd are often at least mildly interested in the occult. Some might use occult books to find inspiration for campaigns or something

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I should have some disclaimer to parents of children. After all, real occult books or not, some people can be easily offended by anything remotely occult. Hell, even Pokemon has been accused of being Satanic. I mean that’s Bullshit, but whatever. Of course, I could just say “This is a store geared towards an 18 and up audience. Come in at your own discretion.”

Personally, I don’t like dealing with children. All conversations need to be restricted around them. Because of which, I find the presence of children restrictive. I think children can handle more than we give them credit for, save for certain topics like sex, but society (parents mostly) feel very strongly about what kids can and cannot be exposed to.

So personally, I’d rather just cater to an adult crowd entirely. However, many of the games meant for children are played by adults and some of the games played by adults are played by children. So that is potentially impossible. I could have separate rooms; one for children and parents, and one for adults, each with closed doors.

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There was a place like this that was next to my boyfriend’s old apartment, but sadly, it was out of business and all that remained was the old sign. Though I don’t really play those games…it would have been a cool place to check out for the occult side.

You’d have more luck opening a regular game store. There are more gamers that don’t believe in the occult than those that do.

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