So the last 20 days i have been gambling, taking tips from various betting tipsters on facebook and doing a few of my own bets. I started with £20 and withdrew £425 yesterday, not bad from £20. however, i have done this WITHOUT the help of magick and i want to start again from £20 WITH the help of magick or specific demons. Does anyone know what demon or spirit would be best for this operation? i want to make alot more this time around. So my question is…What are your opinions on demons that would be best for this?


Mystic Grimoire of the Mighty Spells and Rituals

Ritual lottery
pag 143

Thanks i will take a look

And also, New Avatar Power - Labezerin, “For winning contests” - plenty of info online. :slight_smile:

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You could also look into planetary magick. Jupiter for expansion, used in conjunction with Mercury, patron of gambling, and finances in general. I would do the work on Mercury’s day (Wednesday), in one of the hours of Jupiter. Here’s a calculator for planetary days and hours:

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[quote=“chef1964, post:5, topic:7831”]Here’s a calculator for planetary days and hours:[/quote]

Why use a calculator when you can memorize the system. It follows the seven classical planets and it’s from the Chaldean system of Astrology.

Sunday (Sun) I shouldn’t even have to say it
Monday (Moon) Duh
Tuesday (Mars) French: Mardi
Wednesday (Mercury) French: Mercredi
Thursday (Jupiter) French: Jeudi
Friday (Venus) French: Vendredi
Saturday (Saturn) of course

And the hours.

So, the order is not very intuitive, it goes Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon.

So, the day begins at sunrise, and that is the first hour. The first hour is always the same as the day itself. So, Saturday at sunrise is rules by Saturn. Then we go through the list, the hour after Saturn is ruled by Jupiter, then Mars, then the Sun onward down the list. It repeats until the day is finished and sunset the next day.

So, on Sunday, it starts at sunrise the first hour is ruled by the Sun. After that goes Venus, because it’s next on the list. Then, Mercury, and the Moon and the cycle repeats, starting with Saturn, then Jupiter, etc. I hope it’s not too confusing. there’s a table here if I didn’t explain it well enough.

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Because, while I know how to do it, it takes me 5 seconds using an on-line calculator, vs. having to look up sunrise/sunset times, then figure out how many minutes from sunrise to sunset, do division, then figure out how many minutes from sunset to sunrise, etc. It’s called convenience. Though I agree, one should know how the system works.

Would Clauneck help with gambling/lottery?
Or maybe Astaroth or Azazel?

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[quote=“Franco, post:8, topic:7831”]Would Clauneck help with gambling/lottery?
Or maybe Astaroth or Azazel?[/quote]

Lord Satan / Lucifer I need your help for my work to win a first prize or a prize you feel i am worthy to receive as a servant of darkness in this -------------- lottery I wish to win

Lord Satan and Lord Lucifer please surround my aura and my son’s aura and cats aura with air from this moment and forever
as above and so below
Let it be so.