Hello, I am a non-professional gambler, but I play and win sometimes and lose a lot. I gamble in online casinos, and lose a lot because I am weak in my game and because they cheat sometimes.

I would like to work with archangel zadkiel, And I want to gather some information about him before doing that. For example, how his personality is, what he wants in return, and how he can be satisfied…

I need him to be with me, I want to win 100,000 rubles and I want him to help me.

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Try to get a job.

Online casinos will make money not you.

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I totally know this, I don’t like hard work unless I can handle it. I do not want to be a slave of the company or a work cell.

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I have ideas for excellent electronic projects that will achieve amazing profits. I need capital to finance the project. Are you proposing a money-lending entity?

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I dont think there are any money lending entities out there.

Work with sigil of Clauneck
But dude most entrepreneurs worked as a slave to finance their own projects.
Why can’t you?

I am also doing the same to get a PC but lottery win isnt working for me.

I am still writing and telling folks to donate.

Making money is real hard.


Yes, it is true. I do not want to work 12 hours a day. This is unfair. I am not satisfied with the global system. It only serves the interests of the economic financial elites.

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but you need to work temporarily.

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Yes correct.

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You can also share your skills online and tell people to join a membership or buy a course

you can also make a ton of money like that.

But everything takes time.

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I can do more than that, actually i can make millions of dollars in months not even years. i will tell you how and i have no problem if you steal my idea and apply it Hhhi just joke so the idea is about gambling and games.
there is a game called “League of legends” people play for free and win nothing, i said with myself why to do not create a website so people can open an account and make a deposit and play this game with real MONEY and real time payment and instantly payment worldwide??? this is a bruilliant idea but to apply it it’s need about 2500 USD or less, BUT you will make millions every months and you will create a company and share your stucks on NASDAQ and start make a worldwilde compitetion like poker, tennis, football and more

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lottery i think spirits can help you with that, so when you play 5 numbers or 6 ex the spirits will go to appartment and make those balls up or choosing so you 500 million euros you will become a millionaire and give some of this money to those spirits or convert it in sacrifices and givens…

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That game makes money by selling add-ons, extra challenges, and all that.


I have a job and a degree. I also have this thread Addicted to validation, CBT and Mindfulness doesn't work for me

I been thinking a lot more about speculating recently.

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I currently have no money to invest

How much money do you think you need?

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I want to create a website to sell my web design, SEO all that online services
also sharing affiliate products

So I need 228$ for web designing tool
another 100$ for web hosting and domain

this is the expense for a year,
to build steady income it might take several months to years


the profits for the first few years wont be good
so i will invest the rest to online currency trading platforms

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Why can’t you start with white box, free and open source software, website tools and shared hosting and or virtual private server?

that takes money too

5 $ a month x 12 yearly payment

i tried with blogspot but is very limited.

i could show up Css skills but that is not possible.

i would have gotten clients like that showcasing my skills