Gamaliel the Kingdom of Lilith

Has anyone who is working with Lilith or the Qliphoth seen her kingdom of Gamaliel? As I evoked her into my dreams last night for our year anniversary for when we started working together. I had a vision of what seemed to be a dark kingdom with what seemed like a tower in a dark place surrounded by a forest. The tower was very different and it’s kind of hard to describe it. I also saw the Succubi, the daughters of Lilith and I believe I saw myself being surrounded by them in a playful manner. Gamaliel is the realm of dreams so I’m sure if anyone else has seen it. They’ve probably seen it in a different view but this is how I saw it if it was indeed it.


It’s been a while, but Lilith has been around here and there–I tend to let her come and go as she pleases as I was instructed that she was generally not to be disturbed. Portrayed as the realm of Gamaliel was the interior of a shadowy mansion with a large library. I sensed there may be others within but they seemed far away. Who knows how big this mansion actually was? It had a slightly eerie, vertiginous feeling. A thin woman with long black hair moving slowly between rooms on a kind of flying machine horse saddle led me into the library specifically as if I could look something up. I saw letters written in the air that said Gamaliel (edited).


That’s exactly what I have seen while I was there… It’s cool to know others have seen the same thing :smiley_cat:


Really that what her kingdom look like? I been working with the dark goddess Lilith since last year

Maybe it’s what people see when they work with Lilith. I’ve been in Gamaliel several times since I work mostly with entities from there (not Lilith) but I never saw a mansion, or a tower or a library.

is there any Youtube meditation, or regular meditation or some type of guidance of how to visit Lilith Kingdom?

I have no idea… I don’t use these, if anything I’ll use white noise.

what are white noise?

Here you can read a bit about it
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