Gaining momentum

I have been skimming some magickal texts but I would like to actually put Magick into practice now. What are some simple rituals I could do to being me some starter results?

Some kind of regular relaxation/meditation practice which will be useful to master, as it is the basis of almost all other techniques.

That my problem with meditation I always skipped the relaxation part. What are some good relaxation practices?

I like to do deep breathing exercises. I’ll listen to my breathe as I inhale and exhale. Once I do this for long enough I begin to hear my own heartbeat and am very in tune with my body. From there I’ll command my body to fully relax and use visualization to open up my chakras or whatever else I want to do.

Tensing and relax the muscles one by one is one good method if you haven’t done it before, because it trains you to notice the difference in your body which then leads to eventual conscious control.