Has anyone heard of or know anything about the Grand Order Of The Draco Slayers? One of the members has a lot of good information up on evocations and different rituals. Just wondering if anyone has used any of the stuff he has shared or if anyone knows how legit the group is.


oh countzero, you have such pretty eyes.

also, what’s so grand about the order? do they have punch and pie?


Pretty eyes? who me? aww thanks.

Haha I dont know maybe thats the secret to their order. Punch and pie are pretty awesome! lol

I was just wondering about them because one of the members posts a lot of videos interesting videos on the middle pillar ritual and LBRP on youtube.

He seems to have some decent info on his site, but it’s another complete system. I would stick with EA’s material instead. It’s simpler and highly effective with the same end result G.O.O.D.S. talks about (and EA’s goes even further), just a different way of going about it. Myself, I prefer EA.

Best to stick with one system that works for you and maybe borrow a few techniques here and there. Get too much on your plate and you’ll find you don’t get much of anything done.

andreeje thanks for the comment. I was thinking something similar. Def not abandoning what Ive learned from EA but seems to be some supplemental info that coul be used. If you get a chance you should go to youtube and check out his videos on the advanced middle pillar ritual. Not sure how effective it is but wow it sounds intense.

i know i’ve said a lot about this in recent posts but i’d be inclined to supplement EA’s work with connolly’s as she deals directly with daemonolatry etc and has a bunch of books out already (i.e, take them or leave them).

it’s not at all a vastly different system, although some parts do differ like circle constructs and the like, but much can simply be merged or incorporated into what we already have, like daemonic enns, correspondences, sigil catalogues and gote openenings (which im’ working with now, and it’s awesome).

there’s too many half-baked systems out there to keep up with them all. i bought a grimoire called the chaosium something something. it’s a lovecraftian thing, and i was somewhat underwhelmed and definitely couldn’t be bothered learning all their circle casting and ritual tool making etc etc. i’m gonna stick with the solomonic cycle (which includes much of EA’s and connolly’s work).


i ran across G.O.O.D.S. while learning LBRP, and i must say that watching all those videos really helped in my magickal progress.

i’ve been using their planetary versions of LBRP and MP last year, and looking back at it, it was a great ride :slight_smile:
if i would someday return to practicing those daily rituals, i’d be using their version.
most of their other rituals are rather lenghty in their oration, and require certain level of knowledge and experience.
of course, full immersion in their system and tradition seem also to be required. i think of it as a special knight in white armor vs evil mindset with great emotional envolvement, which we all resonate with on some level.

but i opted for E.A. and his teachings, since he is a superb teacher, and i really started to believe that the path of Black Magick is really the most SANE path to walk.

Thanks for the info james and thank you bahamuthat. After running across their stuff i got the same impression about how emotionally intense and seemed like a lot of good information especially about lbrp and middle pillar. I talked with uncle bear heart from the group and he said he doesnt feel a pull to one side or the other whether right or left. Hes prob the guy you hear talk most and do most videos for the group. But thanks for the positive feedback on their workings. I may give it a try.